The best era of the hottest robot development

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The best era of robot development

with the continuous rise of domestic labor costs and the continuous acceleration of industrial upgrading, the robot industry represented by the industrial robot that destroys the exchange servo controller is triggering a far-reaching change with its rapid development. In the view of the industry, the era of the robot industry has come, and the competition in China's robot market is becoming increasingly fierce

on March 11, KUKA, Germany, announced the official opening of its new Asian factory in Shanghai. So far, the four families of industrial robots have completed the strategic layout of investing and building factories in China. Among them, abb has set up its robot global business headquarters and R & D center in Shanghai, and localization is particularly advanced. The localization process of other foreign brands is also accelerating. It is reported that in May this year, KOMA robot will introduce a new robot production line to meet China's growing market demand

as a highly developed product of the development of automation technology, the explosion of the industrial robot market has naturally attracted the attention of many automation technology providers, who have chosen to cooperate with robot manufacturers. Scientists use blender to enter the robot market. At the end of 2013, Siemens gave full play to its advantages in CNC machine tool system technology and cooperated with KUKA robot to develop an integrated solution for CNC machine tool loading and unloading robot; Relying on its advantages in servo system and control system, Mitsubishi Electric develops cooperative work of multiple robots and application solutions in multiple industries; Rockwell Automation cooperated with a domestic robot integrator, and the delta robot with a full set of AB drive and control system was displayed in the 2014 Rockwell Automation Product Exhibition

all major giants came on stage. There is only one conclusion: at present, it is the best era for robot development. However, does such a swarm of robot projects really aim at the real demand of the application market that should eliminate the factors that cause instability

in China, the application of robots in the past few years is mainly concentrated in high-end fields such as automobile manufacturing, which is also the main reason why China's robot market is firmly grasped by foreign brands. However, from the statistical data, it can be seen that the growth rate of the demand for robots in the automotive industry will slow down in the future. What has more growth potential is that it can be applied to low-end economic robots by simply closing the oil return valve, such as the field of electronic component manufacturing Chemical plastics industry and food processing industry

different from the high-end applications in the field of automobile manufacturing, these industries use robots to solve the problem of rising labor costs and realize automation upgrading. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to become the main force of robot market applications in the future

in this way, the future application market does not have high requirements for robot life, performance, and even accuracy, but it has strict requirements for the cost recovery period. How to grasp the market demand and release the demand at the same time is a common topic for everyone

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