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Konasi DS1000 series 3D displacement sensor won the 13th annual automation selection innovation product award

on March 12, 2015, Beijing, relying on the 2015 CAMRS China Automation annual conference platform, gongkong successfully held the 13th annual China Automation selection and award ceremony known as the industrial control academy awards. As the selection with the longest history, the widest audience, the most open process and the most fair results in China's industrial automation industry, the selection comprehensively recommends the innovation of excellent enterprises and individuals in the industry in management, business, products, marketing, and some of the same uses and services. At the same time, the annual selection results also witness the development and progress of China's automation industry and automation applications. Moreover, the annual selection of gongkong China automation has always been favored and supported by experts and professional users in the field of automation in various industries. After a month of expert evaluation and voting, the results of the 2014 China Automation annual selection were hot

Cognex DS1000 series 3D displacement sensor won the innovative product award of the 13th annual automation selection of gongkong, and Cognex representatives attended the award ceremony

as an expert in the field of machine vision and image code reading, Cognex has been committed to product development and innovation, so as to help customers improve product quality, eliminate production errors and reduce manufacturing costs. DS1000 series products provide the expansion option of advanced visual tools. In industrial production, in addition to the mature two-dimensional visual tools patmax, idmax and ocrmax, which actually do not make a declaration of conformity, DS1000 series also provides three-dimensional tools such as three-dimensional height, plane installation fitting, plane to plane angle, volume and cross section. Through this combination, almost all three-dimensional inspections can be successfully performed. DS1000 series 3D displacement sensors use laser triangulation technology to obtain three-dimensional information of scanning parts, such as reading embossed or convex characters on automobile tires, checking the existence of low contrast items in boxes and packages, identifying surface defects and fragmentation of low contrast or non contrast items, measuring the height and inclination of components to determine whether they are aligned, and calculating the volume and size of food distribution packages. Displacement sensors can accurately detect components regardless of contrast or lighting conditions. The displacement sensor adopts a compact and exquisite industrial design, which can be used in the most demanding factory environment. It also adopts the industry-leading Cognex machine vision software, and is equipped with a powerful combination of 2D and 3D tools. DS1000 series has been calibrated at the factory and can be installed quickly and consistently. It can obtain high-precision measurement in real units without calibration procedures or pixel conversion process. In addition, the expanded three-dimensional sensor product portfolio enables customers to benefit a lot from the three-dimensional and two-dimensional vision tools of Cognex, which can provide higher resolution and wider field of vision

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Cognex designs, develops, produces and sells various products that integrate complex machine vision technology, that is, products with vision. Cognex products include industrial code readers, machine vision sensors and machine vision systems widely used in factories, warehouses and distribution centers around the world, which can guide, measure, detect, identify products and ensure their quality in the process of product production and distribution. As a leading machine vision company in the world, Cognex has sold more than 1 million sets of vision based products since its establishment in 1981, with a cumulative profit of more than $4billion. Cognex is headquartered in Massachusetts, with regional offices and distributors throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more details, please log in to connexion website: or call sales:

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