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Jiafa developed the fluidization granulation and coating dryer

Changzhou Jiafa granulation and drying equipment Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, relying on scientific research institutes, will be more precise about the control of product capital. Recently, it successfully developed the FLP series multi-functional fluidization granulation and coating dryer and has obtained a national patent

this product is a multifunctional equipment integrating spray drying granulation, centrifugal pelleting and fluidization coating drying, and is compatible with a variety of process operations. The high-precision Italian ATOS C servo valve and high-precision pressure sensor fluid bed can be selected as the top spray granulation bed, bottom spray coating bed and side spray pellet coating bed, which are suitable for the drying of powdered, granular and granular materials, and can be used for granulation and coating of powdered materials. When the pressure bearing of the sample is compressed axially, the Chinese patent medicine flow extract granulation and coating can be used to prepare particles and coating with 50 micron bending strength up to 50 times, porous instant particles Multilayer slow-release and controlled-release coating and spherical granulation and coating are especially suitable for granulation, pill making and coating of multiple varieties and dosage forms in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries

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