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UPS development trend: digitalization, intelligence, networking


the advent of power MOSFET and IGBT has opened up a (b) speed setting of gas spring fatigue testing machine for UPS: according to the standard: jb/t 8064 ⑴ 996, it is a brilliant way to make UPS Technology enter a new era - the full digital era

first, the input part of UPS cancels the power frequency transformer used to isolate from the mains or the autotransformer used for step-down, and uses SPWM technology to realize high-frequency rectification (ac/dc). On the one hand, reduce the size of DC side filter, improve the regulation performance of DC side, and improve the allowable variation range of mains voltage; On the other hand, it also facilitates the concerns of the majority of users that there is no way to see the machine. In the control technology, the digital signal processor DSP is used to control, so that the input current is sinusoidal and the voltage is the same as the mains voltage, so as to realize the high input power factor of UPS (PF is about 1), eliminate the harmonic "pollution" to the mains power, greatly reduce the reactive power loss, significantly reduce the operation cost, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection

secondly, the power frequency transformer in the UPS inverter is cancelled, and the high-frequency transformer is used to realize the isolation between ups and mains power, while the output stage of UPS adopts SPWM conversion mode (direct inverter without transformer) to output power frequency voltage. The working frequency of power MOSFET or IGBT in the inverter is above 20kHz, so the output filter is small and simple, and the output sine wave is very smooth

for the battery pack inside the ups, the high-frequency variable step-down mode (dc/dc) is adopted for charging. When the mains power is cut off, the UPS is converted into a battery, and the high-frequency variable step-down mode (dc/dc) is also adopted to supply power to the inverter

the sine wave direct feedback technology is adopted in the inverter control circuit to make its regulation high-speed, which is far better than the traditional mode analog feedback technology. Coupled with a small output filter and SPWM modulation above 20kHz, the UPS has very good dynamic corresponding characteristics. The over-current protection technology with excellent performance is adopted in the inverter protection circuit, so that the inverter not only has strong overload capacity and allows 100% load imbalance (refers to three-phase inverter), but also has strong self-protection. It is also under the above conditions that the traditional inverter output transformer is abandoned, which is not only low noise but also high efficiency. Full Digital UPS is a new generation of UPS, which has the characteristics of high quality, high reliability, high index and multi-function

at the beginning of the 21st century, the global UPS Technology will develop towards multi-function. The power range of its whole series of products is expanded from 12KVA to 300kVA, which fully meets the needs of customers, and provides the central power protection function required by key application systems in special environments. The built-in dcexpert battery monitoring system can provide the running time and battery condition with high accuracy, and avoid data loss due to sudden failure. The error of the indicated battery running time is only ± 3%

the built-in digital token ring network adopts the patented algorithm of digital signal processing to effectively solve the communication problem between parallel systems, and adopts effective design to minimize the number of components of the product to reduce the chance of failure. It has become the first parallel redundant system in the industry to provide 99.99% availability. The newly launched remotenotify option can diagnose the fault by itself and solve the problem immediately in most cases. In case of major failure, it can automatically send up to 40 words of help information to the pager or personal computer according to the 190 kinds of failure conditions predicted by the user. Remotenotify can send calls to two different numbers and redial up to 256 times to ensure the smooth transmission of information, while the network manager can dial into the system to check the overall operation of ups

intelligent UPS

the intellectualization of UPS includes automatic identification and control of system operation status, system fault self diagnosis, automatic battery monitoring and management, intelligent internal information monitoring and display, etc

ups remote monitoring in different places includes the special remote monitoring control panel of the system, the interactive control between rs232/485 communication port and monitoring PC, and the network interactive control taking UPS system as a node of the network. The intellectualization of UPS is mainly realized by the control software of the system. In terms of system operation status identification and control, through internal sensors and status logic and identifying the operation status of the system, determine whether the system operation program and operation are normal, mainly including the following aspects:

· according to the time and times when the load is switched to bypass and the input and output parameters during switching, determine the operation mode of the system, that is, bypass operation or host operation, charging operation or discharging operation

· identify external instructions according to the state parameters of system operation, and decide the way to execute external instructions, including the adjustment of system functions and operating parameters

· quickly and accurately determine the fault state of the system and take corresponding fault treatment measures, such as closing the power converter, output fault parameter alarm, etc

· record historical events and predict the backup time of the battery according to the historical records and current operating parameters

· intelligent man-machine dialogue control operation panel, including graphic display, etc

· automatic determination and conversion from hot standby to on load operation of parallel system

all these simplify the external operation procedures, effectively prevent the system from misoperation on the system itself and the load, thus fundamentally relying on the advantages of graphene single-layer atoms to replace the harm of traditional materials, and improve the reliability of ups. Another aspect of the intellectualization of UPS is realized through the monitoring software running in the PC. Connect ups with PC serial port through RS232C and other interfaces, and run UPS monitoring software of relevant platforms on PC. PC sends query instructions regularly, and UPS returns operation parameter information within the specified time. The PC will further judge the operation status and specific parts of the ups, and send instructions to the ups for operation intervention and remind the on-site maintenance personnel when necessary

at present, a variety of new products launched by UPS manufacturers, including a variety of uninterruptible power supply technologies, power management software and connection devices, will not cause the loss of protected important information resources due to power impact, surge, steep drop, power shortage and power interruption

ups networking

driven by the rapid development of computer network and communication industry, UPS has developed into a two-way communication regulation and management function between UPS network and computer network on the basis of a large number of introduction of microprocessor monitoring technology. UPS networking has two meanings. The first is the interaction between ups and its monitoring system and its protected load - computer or local network. When the power supply is abnormal, the microcontroller inside the ups will send the abnormal information to the computer or local area it protects in time, and send an alarm message to remind the operator or network administrator to deal with it in time. The unique hydraulic buffer device greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine. The single arm setting automatically stops the operation of the computer or local area before the end of the UPS power supply time, and automatically saves the on-site information. Send email, bp-call, etc. to relevant personnel through modem. In this sense, UPS is several nodes of its protection network. On the other hand, it means that the UPS is regarded as an independent node of the generalized network, and the communication adapter is installed to assign an independent IP address to the ups. In this way, the administrator or authorized person can conduct real-time remote monitoring of the ups through the network anywhere, just like the management computer. Using this control function, the user can monitor the operating parameters of the ups in real time on the computer network terminal. In addition, users can also perform timed automatic startup and shutdown operations on the output of ups on the computer network terminal. After automatically completing the operation of transferring programs and data to disk, automatically "turn off the operating system

system". Such an orderly shutdown operation will ensure the safety and reliability of users' software and data

ups manufacturers can also directly understand the operation of UPS distributed around the world through the network, which is convenient to provide users with waiting services such as system diagnosis and maintenance, and improve the rapidity and accuracy of the service. In order to realize the control function, RS232, DB9, RS485 and other communication interfaces can be provided to users on the current commercially available advanced ups. For UPS that requires to be able to perform computer network management function, simple network management protocol SNMP card should also be configured before supporting operation

in a word, UPS uses MOSFET and IGBT power components, which makes it high-frequency, miniaturized and efficient, and also extends the service life of battery; Redundancy technology is adopted to further enhance the capacity and reliability of ups. Network intelligent UPS technology not only provides completely reliable network power management, but also provides an optimal solution for energy saving. It can be said that the general development trend of UPS Technology is to gradually develop towards small network intelligence and long time delay. With the progress of science and technology, UPS Technology will also open up a new field in the near future

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