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Urbanization leads to new opportunities for the recovery of construction machinery industry XCMG leads the recovery of construction machinery industry XCMG leads the recovery of construction machinery industry, The line of urbanization overlaps with the development track of the construction machinery industry. In the 1980s, we controlled big cities and developed small towns. In 1998, the concept of large strategic urbanization of small towns

on the picture scroll of China's construction machinery industry, urbanization has already written a heavy brush. Looking at this magnificent painting, the lines of urbanization overlap with the development track of the construction machinery industry

in the 1980s, "control big cities and develop small towns". In 1998, the concept of urbanization in the "big strategy for small towns" replaced the expression of urbanization. In the tenth five year plan, the urbanization development policy is moving towards "coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns". Last year, the central economic work conference listed "actively and steadily promote urbanization and strive to improve the quality of urbanization" as one of the main tasks of economic work in 2013. The steady progress of urbanization, the continued expansion of infrastructure investment and the unabated demand for real estate have become the boosters of the construction machinery industry

urbanization may boost infrastructure investment and become a favorable support in the future

according to relevant data, for each additional urban resident, the city needs to increase the fixed asset investment by 500000 yuan, and for each percentage point increase in the urbanization rate, the influx of rural population into the city will increase by about 13million, which will drive 6.6 trillion yuan of urban construction investment. The investment in fixed assets brought about by the urbanization rate of less than 10 percentage points is amazing. According to the calculation of China macroeconomic society, the urban fixed asset investment increment brought by urbanization can reach 9trillion yuan from 2010 to 2015

the development of urban agglomeration depends on smooth and low-cost logistics, information flow and capital flow, and the rapid development of rail transit will become a trend. In 2011, the national railway completed a total investment of 461billion yuan, while the national railway infrastructure investment plan in 2012 has been adjusted four times, from 406billion yuan planned at the beginning of the year to 516billion yuan. In terms of urban rail transit, nearly 50 cities in China will develop rail transit in 2020, covering more than 7000 kilometers, covering major cities in China

infrastructure construction is also the incremental source of urban agglomeration investment. The development of urban agglomerations will increase the demand for infrastructure, and the requirements for water supply, drainage, power supply, gas supply, garbage disposal, etc. will become higher and higher with the improvement of the functions of urban agglomerations. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the proportion of China's infrastructure investment in total investment continued to decline, and there was a "debt" problem. The proportion of investment in municipal public facilities construction is only about 5%, which is far lower than the average value of 10% - 15% in developing countries, and there is a large supply gap

in the second half of 2012, under the background of "steady growth", railway investment and infrastructure investment accelerated, and equipment bidding restarted; In 2013, the opening of a large number of new railway lines will make the delivery of vehicle equipment enter a small peak, and the opportunity cycle of the construction machinery industry may have arrived

in January this year, the construction machinery giant XCMG group K-series concrete mixer truck platoon was long sent to the Gansu market and stationed in Northwest China. From January to March, the sales volume of XCMG concrete mixing station increased by 2.5 times year-on-year, and the sales revenue of concrete mixing truck increased by 1.93 times year-on-year. At present, XCMG has formed a series of concrete mixer trucks, which have been effective in economic construction in urban villages and North and south of the river

the urbanization cake is not a one-time meal. The core technology is the competitive capital.

in the past 30 years, China has taken a road of rapid urbanization. By 2011, China's urbanization rate has exceeded 50%, reaching 51.27%. The construction machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and various enterprises have raced to establish production bases, intensifying competition. In 2012, the problem of overcapacity was exposed. Taking crawler bulldozers as an example, the current international and domestic market demand is less than 20000 units, and the capacity of domestic enterprises has already exceeded this figure. Only a few years ago, there were 14 motor graders manufacturing enterprises, which has now risen to 14. The construction machinery industry has slowed down as a whole, and the industry is in recession. Tian guangfan, chairman of the Standardization Working Committee of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in an interview with China news finance and economics channel: "the first two years have developed too fast. From 2007 to 2011, it has almost increased to about 40% every year. Under normal circumstances, the average annual development rate of an industry. There are many types of impact testing machines in the market that should be 15% to 25%

overcapacity, product homogenization, difficulties in international trade (for example, Brazil adjusted the import tax, and the tax rate on imported construction machinery products from China increased by 25% as a whole, setting obstacles for the import of Chinese products.) It has gradually hindered the development of China's construction machinery industry. Due to the lack of R & D capability of key components and small product differentiation, the core competitive advantage of domestic construction machinery enterprises is actually the cost leadership advantage. There is a scale effect in the construction machinery industry. Large-scale enterprises have low marginal costs and higher bargaining power in negotiations. Therefore, manufacturers are more willing to expand their production capacity and improve their voice. In the market environment with cost leadership as the core competitive element, the result of industry competition will be that the market share will concentrate on leading enterprises with scale advantages, and small enterprises will be eliminated. In the face of industry reshuffle, developing core technology and mastering core technology are the foundation for enterprises to become bigger and stronger

Asian countries have been vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry in recent years. Chang Zheng, director of the International Department of the Manufacturing Association, said in an interview with China news finance and economics channel: "urbanization and the development of rail transit can provide a strong driving force for the industry, but it is not long-term and sustainable. The core is to improve the core technological capabilities of enterprises."

from the overall perspective, the industry has achieved results in consolidating the foundation, attacking the high-end and strengthening management. For example, XCMG group won the second prize of the 2012 National Science and Technology Progress Award for its "XCMG science and technology innovation system project based on independent innovation of large construction machinery". At the same time, 8 achievements of XCMG won the first, second and third prizes of scientific and technological progress in China's machinery industry. Among them, XCMG construction machinery's "key technology and industrialization of 1000 ton and 2000 ton crawler cranes" project won the first prize, and XCMG technology's "research and development of large tonnage loaders and their core technologies", XCMG road building "gr150m grader", XCMG foundation "xz3000 horizontal directional drilling rig", and XCMG heavy "key technology research and industrialization of multi-functional high lift jet fire engines" won the second prize. Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in China's machinery industry for its project "71.9% carbon fiber composites; 701 ~ 1000mm equipped boom series pump truck and its key technology"

in addition, the industry has also made achievements in the "integration of industrialization and industrialization". The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of national demonstration enterprises for the deep integration of informatization and industrialization (2012), among which XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong machinery, Foton Lovol international heavy industry and other construction machinery enterprises were selected

the construction machinery industry has good growth prospects and is looking forward to recovery in 2013.

according to the calculation of fixed assets and infrastructure investment in the national "12th Five Year Plan", the growth rate of the construction machinery industry is still required to be maintained at about 17%. It is believed that the construction machinery industry will enter a mild recovery stage in 2013. New urbanization has a great demand for infrastructure investment, and the rail transit connecting urban agglomerations will also enter a period of rapid development. New urbanization will be a new opportunity for the development of the construction machinery industry

the construction machinery industry report released by ABC international pointed out that in the year of recovery in 2013, with the in-depth adjustment in 2012, mechanical equipment vendors have gone through a continuous inventory clearing stage. At the same time, with the commencement of a large number of new construction projects, we expect the machinery manufacturing market to rebound in 2013

take XCMG group, a giant in China's construction machinery industry, as an example. In March this year, XCMG's export exceeded 1billion, setting a new record for its export in a single month. The share of truck cranes and crawler cranes increased by more than 2 percentage points, the share of road rollers, loaders, pavers and other pavement and shoveling machinery increased by more than 4.6 percentage points, the sales revenue of column machinery doubled in the first quarter, the signing of truck cranes exceeded 100 million yuan in March, and environmental sanitation machinery achieved a significant growth Excavators and loaders received a batch order of ten million yuan

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said in an interview with China News Service: "The construction machinery industry is an industry with strong relevance to the economic cycle and national investment policies. For this reason, although the current industry development is facing great challenges, we will speed up the going out and international cooperation from Chinese enterprises from the fundamentals of China's long-term economic development, from the gap between China's Urbanization rate and developed countries, and from our huge demand for water conservancy construction, affordable housing construction and other infrastructure construction In the process of industrialization, we can have very firm confidence, and China's construction machinery still has good growth prospects. "

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