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Urbanization has become a "rejuvenation" for the steel industry

"where is spring?" In the steel industry, this may be the biggest question mark in people's hearts

the new year is approaching. Looking at 2012, the whole steel industry seems to add another layer of ice to the snow that has not yet melted in winter

"this year is the lowest price of steel bars in the past two to three years. The market price is less than 4000 yuan (per ton), which is 3% lower than last year. You are welcome to pay attention to our company's 00-500 yuan, and the price of steel bars has been falling this year." Wang Zai, the person in charge of a construction team in Mengyin County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, cleaned the surface of the experimental machine, told China National classic

the decline in steel bar prices is good for consumers, but it is a "freezing period" for steel enterprises after the heavy snow. The slight rise in steel prices in December seems to let people see a ray of sunshine shooting in from the thick ice

according to relevant media reports, on December 11, Baosteel Co., Ltd., which is regarded as the industry weathervane, took the lead in releasing the first price policy of 2013. Except for the price of hot-dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing products, the price of other products has increased by yuan/ton

on December 17, the domestic steel market rose across the board, with eye-catching performance in both long and plate materials. According to monitoring, key cities in China Ф The average price of 25mm grade III deformed steel bar is 3700 yuan (ton price, the same below), up 36 yuan from last week; Domestic key cities Ф The average price of 6.5mm high-speed wire was 3609 yuan, up 35 yuan from last week; The average price of 5.5mm hot rolled coil in key domestic cities was 3928 yuan, up 45 yuan from last week

but will this positive situation continue? The conclusion of the central economic work conference seems to send us a glimmer of hope. The central economic work conference pointed out that "actively and steadily promote urbanization and strive to improve the quality of urbanization"

in this regard, Huarong Securities Research Analyst normal Guilong believes that cyclical sectors related to urbanization will receive continued attention from funds, including construction materials, construction machinery, real estate and other industries will glow with a "second spring", so the new development of the steel industry is also inevitable

especially the construction of roads, railways and other large infrastructure related to transportation has injected positive energy into the development of the steel industry. It is understood that the capital construction investment in 2013 was mainly concentrated in transportation. The Ministry of Railways tentatively plans to invest 530billion yuan in the capital construction of National Railways in 2013

in an interview with China national economics, the dispersion time of dripping water is less than 1s, which shows that "infrastructure investment will become an important driving force to promote the recovery of the steel market in 2013. As the funds for new projects are in place and start one after another, it will directly stimulate the demand for construction steel."

urbanization makes the real estate market hot. Therefore, there is a large demand for steel. Mr. Wang calculated with us that in the design of a five story building with an attic, about 100 tons of steel bars will be used for a 7200 square meter building. Although this is a small number, it will be an amazing number to enlarge it countless times. Because although China's urbanization rate has reached more than 50% in 2011, there is still a big gap with 75% in developed countries, which also indicates that there is a lot of room for China's urbanization construction. Therefore, the "second spring" of real estate will appear, and the spring of the steel industry is gradually approaching

in addition, the stimulation of urbanization to the development of the automobile industry also accelerates the pace of the steel industry towards "spring"

"the overall performance of the automotive industry in 2013 is expected to be better than that in 2012, and urbanization will stimulate the demand for micro passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles." Jiangxueqing, a researcher in the automotive industry of Orient Securities, said that in 2013, the independent brands in cars have passed the most difficult period. Large and medium-sized buses will look for new growth points from public transportation, new energy and school buses, and heavy trucks are likely to usher in demand recovery growth. Moreover, the urbanization construction will accelerate the regional transfer of light vehicle demand, and the demand for independent brand cars, light trucks, micro cards and so on will also be released

therefore, urbanization construction may become the "great hero" of the iron and steel industry to reverse the situation

do you know the reason why the crossbeam of electronic universal testing machine is often stuck in the domestic demand for urbanization construction and infrastructure investment? Now follow the footsteps of technicians. Let's get to know each other! I hope it can help everyone and stimulate domestic investment. In 2013, China's urbanization construction and infrastructure investment are still important driving forces driving China's steel demand

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