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Upstream and downstream enterprises seize the 4trillion home decoration market and usher in the "best era"

upstream and downstream enterprises seize the 4trillion home decoration market and usher in the "best era"

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[China paint information] Xiaomi home decoration recently focused the attention of the society on the 4trillion home decoration market. In fact, in addition to cross-border enterprises represented by Xiaomi, upstream real estate developers such as Vanke and Haier, downstream material manufacturers such as Dongpeng home, there are also some capital investments that have long been eyeing this big cake. With a market share of 4trillion yuan, a fierce competition is being launched. Industry insiders predict that in 2015, the home decoration market will usher in "the era when the release agent and resin components can be premixed more stably and accurately"

1.5 major enterprises compete for the 4trillion home decoration market

"it is expected that hardbound houses will comprehensively replace rough houses in the next five years." Lin Jinmu, executive director of China low carbon industry investment center, said at the recent Dongpeng home global launch ceremony and strategic cooperation signing conference that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has issued a notice to encourage the new commercial housing to be decorated in place at one time or in a menu style, and gradually to eliminate the goal of blank Housing and directly provide consumers with fully decorated finished housing. The 4trillion home decoration market is about to burst

not only Xiaomi, Vanke and other cross-border and upstream enterprises have announced to enter the home decoration industry, but also the ceramic tile industry giant Dongpeng group launched "Dongpeng home" last week. According to Wu Xiaochun, general manager of Dongpeng home furnishing, Dongpeng home furnishing aims to build a "one-stop green home furnishing service platform", integrate a number of high-quality and reliable material suppliers, design and decoration companies, construction companies, service providers and other links of the home furnishing industry chain, provide first-class solutions and services for developers, and aim at the fine decoration market. It provides six types of collective procurement, including labor, base materials, main materials, soft decoration, furniture and household appliances

"at present, there are five major categories of enterprises that seize the home decoration market. In addition to traditional home decoration enterprises, there are also cross-border, real estate, material merchants and capital enterprises." Zeng Yuzhou, general manager of beautiful home furnishings, concluded that, especially for material enterprises, almost all mainstream brands in each home furnishing and building materials segment will set foot in the home decoration market. "It can be predicted that an enterprise will enter the home decoration industry on average every day in 2015."

2. The home decoration industry has ushered in the peak of development, and traditional enterprises are transforming to e-commerce

"more enterprises are pouring into the home decoration industry, which will not only bring competition, but also promote the development of the industry. Panasonic will mass produce PBT resin molding materials for vehicles." Zeng Yuzhou said that the current home decoration market is still relatively chaotic. Focusing more on the home decoration market will bring new thinking modes and cross-border talents, which is of positive significance to the rapid development of the industry. At the same time, it is also conducive to promoting the standardization of the home decoration industry and accelerating the development of the industry. It can be said that the home decoration market will usher in the "best era"

under the white hot competition situation, it will inevitably affect normal work, and traditional enterprises with inherent advantages are also facing the test of transformation and upgrading. In addition to facing up to competitors in the traditional market, actively developing e-commerce channels is considered to be the inevitable trend of future development. The new express learned that at present, the mainstream home decoration enterprises in Guangzhou are actively deploying e-commerce channels and developing new media platforms such as Weibo

at the "first annual home decoration ceremony of smart home tmall" held on January 24, Zeng Yuzhou said that although home decoration and building materials will encounter some bottlenecks and difficulties in e-commerce at present, e-commerce is the control highland for the development of the home industry in the future. "Now it is difficult to know what channels consumers come from. Stores, stores, advertisements, networks and other channels form a combination, and online and offline can no longer be separated. E-commerce not only undertakes the functions of sales and promotion, but also becomes an important window for rapid feedback, providing services, maintaining customers and building brands. Especially with the arrival of the post-80s and post-90s consumption mainstream, e-commerce channels will not be ignored by home decoration enterprises Platform. "

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