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UPS user satisfaction Brand Award goes to kestar

recently, the results of the 6th user satisfaction survey of ups and its power supply system in 2010, directed by the China computer user association and hosted by UPS application magazine, were announced at the China International Science and Technology Exhibition Center. The conference solemnly announced a series of annual awards. Shenzhen kestar Technology Co., Ltd., a flagship brand manufacturer in the domestic UPS industry in Chinese Mainland, won the ups user satisfaction Brand Award

more than 200 people, including industry experts, editorial board members, authors and reader representatives of UPS applications, industry manufacturers, agents, system integrators, solution providers, and user data center user representatives from government departments, communications, finance, petroleum, steel systems and other industries, participated in this UPS industry event with the theme of low-carbon economy and meeting the fourth wave of economic development. It is reported that after ten years' hard work of UPS application and the first five sessions of ups and its power supply system user satisfaction survey activities, China and Mongolia should be good neighbors, good partners and good friends with mutual trust and negativity. This activity has become the most influential national user satisfaction survey brand in the ups industry

as the leader of the local UPS industry in Chinese Mainland, kestar has always adhered to the concept of meeting the needs of users, providing unique value for users, actively undertaking the enterprise society, and pursuing the sustainable development of enterprises for many years. At the product level, kestar not only provides a rich product line based on integrated overall solutions, but also provides special product research and development and customized services for users' special needs. It has a complete UPS product line with a single machine power of up to 600KVA. In addition to UPS, Guangdong kestar Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of kestar, is also a leading professional valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery R & D and manufacturer in Chinese Mainland. It has a full range of UPS supporting lead-acid battery products, and has hidden dangers that can prevent electrolyte leakage, fire and heat loss during battery use, The patent tray of lead-acid battery leakage proof liquid with functions such as acid lead poisoning caused by battery leakage has its own patented technology. Kestar UPS, equipped with lead-acid batteries and a full range of high-quality cabinets, lightning protection, PDU, energy-saving fresh air and other machine room products, can create a broad value-added space for agents at all levels and provide users with integrated solutions

at the service level, kestar took the lead in establishing a national customer service center - regional technical support center, regional after-sales service center - authorized service center in the industry. It is expected that the trademark of the new company will meet with the public at the end of May. It will form a multi-level service system with wide coverage, reasonable layout and close to users, and will be published in China Computer Users Association, CCID consultants (CCID) In the large-scale user satisfaction surveys conducted by well-known third-party institutions such as Jishi information over the years, it has repeatedly won the Gold Award for UPS service user satisfaction, the first place for UPS service user satisfaction, the Chinese computer user service quality enterprise, the best service commitment fulfillment enterprise and other authoritative Service Awards. In the bidding of the National Golden Tax Project backbone UPS equipment overall warranty service project organized by the State Administration of Taxation for the first national large-scale key industry system UPS equipment overall service outsourcing project in China, kestar won the bid exclusively with its leading strength, providing a five-year overall warranty renewal service for hundreds of high-power key UPS equipment in the National Golden Tax Project backbone network distributed in nearly 30 provinces and 200 cities across the country. Since the implementation of the project, please re tension the tensioning wheel; With its perfect service system and excellent technical support ability, kestar has won the unanimous high recognition of the national tax departments at all levels

based on the unremitting pursuit of continuously improving user satisfaction, kestar has shown unparalleled competitiveness in the procurement of ups and supporting batteries in large industrial institutions represented by the three major application fields of finance, communications and government or in the national unified certification and selection of types. It has successively become the central state organ, the Ministry of education, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration of meteorology, the State Administration of radio, film and television, the general staff of the people's Liberation Army Power supply partners of large industrial institutions such as the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Sinopec, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Life Insurance, China CITIC Bank, industrial bank, Bank of Beijing, Shenzhen Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Qilu Securities. It includes the e-government project of provincial governments, the financial electronization project of the banking system, the national gold tax project, the national new generation weather radar, the village to village project of the State Administration of radio, film and television, the Western University Campus of the Ministry of education, the national armed police level III Project, the national rural primary and secondary school distance education project, the national rural Party member distance education project, the Cultural Sharing Project of the Ministry of culture, Sinopec refueling IC card project, the Three Gorges project A large number of national key projects, including the west to east gas transmission project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 9th National Games, the 11th National Games, the 2009 24th World University Winter Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, etc., provide high reliable power protection and fully escort China's information construction

about kestar:

Shenzhen kestar Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of power electronics and new energy. Its products include UPS uninterruptible power supply, inverter power supply, valve regulated lead-acid battery and computer room integrated equipment. It is a local UPS R & D and production enterprise in Chinese Mainland with far-reaching capacity scale and sales market share, A professional manufacturer of high-quality valve regulated lead-acid batteries, its products cover more than 80 major countries and regional markets in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. According to CCID's statistics, the machinery industry will also continue to develop and grow. In 2010, kestar's domestic UPS sales took the lead, ranking first in the market share of domestic brands for ten consecutive years

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