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The upper reaches rise and the lower reaches fall, and building materials become a "sandwich cake"

Abstract: insiders say that the price rise tide not only affects the entire terminal market, but also a serious fatal blow to some manufacturers who are not well prepared. Some insiders lament that some large enterprises can still increase costs by diluting their own inventory, but small enterprises must be greatly impacted, and a new round of industry reshuffle may start

the Spring Festival has passed, and industries related to home decoration, such as building materials and household appliances, have begun to wake up. However, in the "cold spring" February, the market did not fully recover, and the price of chemical materials rose first. Many building materials and home furnishing enterprises are facing the pressure of price increases from upstream manufacturers

at the same time, in the sales terminals of home appliances and building materials, the promotional banners are still quite eye-catching, and it is difficult for the domestic building materials and home furnishing industry, which is plagued by the price war, to say that prices will rise. Against the background of rising prices in the upstream and falling prices in the downstream, many enterprises have become sandwich biscuits, and their profit space has encountered a new round of challenges


the price rise in February has made a comeback

for manufacturing enterprises such as building materials and household appliances, raw materials have been their lifeblood, and the rise and fall of their prices have been closely watched

looking back on 2016, PPI, which had a negative growth for four and a half years, finally reversed, marking the official opening of the comprehensive price rise in China's industrial sector. However, on September 21 last year, the state issued the "strictest overload control order", the freight cost soared, the logistics in some regions rose from 6 yuan a piece to 10 yuan a piece, and the transportation cost of building materials per ton rose by 100 yuan. During the National Day holiday, the rise in the price of sponges triggered a surge in prices. By the end of December, the environmental protection renovation had brought a surge of price increases to the home furnishing and building materials industries

from February of the year of the rooster, the tide of price rise came back, which cut into the happy and auspicious atmosphere of "good start" of enterprises. From February 13 to February 14, Nine Dragons Paper, a leading paper enterprise, announced that the prices of Taicang nine dragons, Dongguan Nine Dragons Kraft linerboard and corrugated paper increased by 200 yuan/ton, and many paper enterprises in Fuyang whiteboard base announced that the prices of finished paper increased by yuan/ton at the same time

at the same time, many leather raw material enterprises also issued a "letter to customers", pointing out that due to the rise in the prices of upstream resin, coal, steam and so on, the average price of artificial leather increased by 1-2 yuan/meter. Among chemicals, as of February 14, 2017, natural rubber increased by 97.78% over the same period last year. Styrene butadiene rubber rose 175.93%, cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber rose 216.34%

on February 14, the National Bureau of statistics released the industrial producer price index (PPI) for January 2017. The data showed that the PPI increased by 0.8% month on month and 6.9% year on year. Among them, the prices of chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry increased by 9.2% year-on-year and 1.8% month on month, setting off a great storm in the manufacturing industry

at the same time, according to the Hunan Provincial Bureau of statistics, in January, the ex factory prices of industrial producers in Hunan increased by 6.3% year-on-year and 0.8% month on month; The purchase price of industrial producers increased by 7.5% year-on-year and 0.7% month on month. Among them, year-on-year changes in industrial producer prices, the price of means of production rose by 7.9% year-on-year, affecting the overall level of industrial producer prices rose by 6.0 percentage points. The price of mining industry rose by 24.6%, the price of raw materials industry rose by 14.3%, and the price of processing industry rose by 4.9%. Among the purchase prices of industrial producers, the prices of ferrous materials increased by 20% year-on-year, the prices of fuel and power increased by 10.9%, the prices of non-ferrous materials and wires increased by 16.1%, and the prices of chemical raw materials increased by 6.7%


the price increase of home building materials is a foregone conclusion

when the price rise of upstream materials and accessories is rampant, the price rise of home building materials industry has not been spared. Between the lower beam and the upper beam is the tensile experimental space. At the end of last year, the news about the price increase of major building materials manufacturers spread throughout the industry. Due to the rise of upstream supply chain costs, various brand channels and dealers will adjust their product prices in 2017. At the beginning of the new year, it is a foregone conclusion that the home furnishing industry will raise prices due to the rise of various materials

after visiting several well-known furniture and building materials brands, we learned that the prices of almost all home building materials have been or are being adjusted. After the Spring Festival, the price of ice washing household appliances increased by about 5%, latex paint increased by 10%, solid wood flooring increased by 5% - 10%, finished furniture increased by 5% on average, and even ceramic tiles increased by 2-5 yuan per piece. There are also many sanitary ware and cabinet brand dealers who have also received the price increase notice from the manufacturer, but the time of increase has not been determined yet. According to various data, it is a foregone conclusion that the home furnishing industry will raise prices in an all-round way

affected by this, the overall rise in prices in the home decoration industry has also become a foregone conclusion in 2017. The overall increase in raw materials in the market performance is between 20% and 30%, while the increase in product terminals is between 5% and 10%. Liukaiye, deputy general manager of love Space Group Changsha branch, made it clear to the that preparations for the price increase would begin from March

it is understood that the national building materials and home furnishing boom index (BHI) in January was 71.35, down 24.82 points month on month and 7.17 points year on year. Affected by the factors of real estate and the Spring Festival, the sales volume of building materials and home furnishing stores above the national scale in January was 48.26 billion yuan, a month on month decrease of 50.70% and a year-on-year decrease of 30.89%, a new low over the years

in addition to the building materials and home decoration market, the household appliance industry seems to have not been spared. Since January 1, 2017, the collective price of household appliances has increased, and many enterprises have announced to raise the price of products, especially TVs and air conditioners. In terms of air conditioning, the price of a set of mainstream air conditioning enterprises in Guangdong will rise by 50-200 yuan; From December 19, 2016, the price of air conditioners of mainstream air-conditioning enterprises in Zhuhai has increased by 50-100 yuan per set; Other air-conditioning enterprises have notified that the price of air-conditioning has increased by 2% since that month, and by another 2% in January this year; The notice on price adjustment of foreign domestic central air conditioners will be implemented from January 1, 2017, with an average increase of 10%

in terms of color TV, the Internet TV brand announced its second price increase this year, which will raise the price of some 40 inch, 43 inch, 50 inch and 55 inch models by 100 yuan again, and some 65 inch models by 300 yuan. The last price increase was in September, and some TV stations rose by 100 to 200 yuan. Kitchen and bathroom appliances, range hoods, gas stoves, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, disinfection cupboards and water purifiers have raised prices for many times in a row, with a price increase of about 15% - 35%, which is higher than that of other major electric appliances

"although the price rise was very strong before the Spring Festival, I feel that it will be like this every year, so I'm not in a hurry to buy. When I come back after the Spring Festival, I'll find that people have raised prices." Yang dada, a citizen, told me that he took a fancy to a brand refrigerator in October last year. At that time, the price was about 6000 yuan. He didn't want to draw stress while analyzing (develop the good habit of drawing stress) I only have to buy paintings. When I went shopping these days, I found that the price had been adjusted to about 7000 yuan


in order to seize the market, price increases have become a concern

in this context, many businesses have many concerns. At the golden node of seizing market share at the beginning of the year, faced with increasing the production cost of Hainan's key shipping infrastructure, whether to pass on the cost of price increases to consumers has left some businesses in a dilemma

the survey found that although the upstream price rise is fierce, the price rise of retail terminals in stores is not particularly strong, and many stores are still hanging banners of price reduction and promotion. An insider said that after the Spring Festival, many products on the market are sold at lower prices than usual. Operators have promoted in the form of discounts and discounts. The pressure generated by the operation of each pair of equipment can be recorded in real time. Shopping malls are also gearing up to set sales targets to prepare for the peak home sales season. In addition, almost all home shopping malls have set the activities with large discounts in March, so now they have launched marketing activities to warm up

in response to this phenomenon, many citizens have found out this law, and will also launch a post holiday "bargain hunting" consumption in shopping malls and other shopping places, waiting for the most cost-effective purchase opportunity

"the beginning of the year is an important stage to seize market share. Many enterprises focus on marketing at this stage and strive to receive more orders. Therefore, the price rise will become a concern for some enterprises. First, the price rise will not grab the market after the year, and second, the price rise may not be tenable." Chenjianliang, the director of Changsha base of Hunan Zhensheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., said, "we are also doing promotions now, striving to seize the market, and store the goods to the dealers to prevent some brands of foreign enterprises such as Guangdong from impacting our province, so finally to the retail terminal, the trend of price rise is not obvious."

in addition, household appliance enterprises are the same. "Price war" has always been the "killer mace" for major enterprises to seize the market. Rash price increases are undoubtedly equivalent to giving away the hard-earned "rivers and mountains". Industry insiders pointed out that "the rising costs in all aspects are basically digested by the manufacturers, and some large enterprises even take this opportunity to promote vigorously and seize the market."


profit space has been greatly compressed

or caused a new round of reshuffle

"the price rise tide has not eased since last June. As a result, our profit space has been compressed by at least 40% - 50% Speaking of the impact of price increases, Chen Jianliang said

there is no doubt that the superposition of these layers of factors is pushing up the operating costs of enterprises. Some media disclosed that after the Spring Festival, many kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances factories in Guangdong have been seriously affected and have not been opened yet. Industry insiders said that the price rise tide not only affected the entire terminal market, but also a serious fatal blow to some manufacturers who were not well prepared. Some industry insiders lamented that some larger enterprises can still rely on their own inventory to dilute some of the rising costs, but small enterprises must be more affected, and a new round of industry reshuffle may start

on the one hand, it is the increase of production costs, on the other hand, it is the resistance of consumers to price increases. How should enterprises face it? In this regard, some industry experts suggested that on the one hand, enterprises should adjust themselves, cultivate new profit growth points, and improve the gold content of products. On the other hand, in the trend of rising raw materials and strict environmental protection, enterprises should increase investment in the renewal of environmental protection equipment, constantly upgrade technology, improve the application of new processes and new materials, and strive to adapt to the new changes brought by the market


consumers can seize the consumption opportunity of


for the inevitable rise in the price of household products, if consumers want to reduce the impact of price increases, they had better choose the right decoration opportunity

every year around March 15 is the golden season for decoration. The industry has always said that "March 15 looks at the whole year". Home decoration companies, shopping malls and major home furnishing brand businesses all want to take this opportunity to boost sales throughout the year, and are bound to launch the most vigorous promotional policies throughout the year to attract consumers. Many brands will also launch "order insurance" activities. Citizens in need may wish to take advantage of this time to visit the market and place orders in advance to avoid missing the purchase opportunity

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