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Urban hot spots have helped Beijing Jiaotong University celebrate its 120th anniversary. I. project background Beijing Jiaotong University has been using our certified billing products for many years, and it is also one of our most important customers. This urban hot spot once again helped Beijing Jiaotong University to set sail for the 120th anniversary of the University and add luster

the director of the school information center also attaches great importance to authentication and billing. Their management and operation mode is user (student) first. Therefore, they hope to provide users (students) with more convenience in authentication and billing management. While providing this convenience, they will greatly reduce their workload and the rate of complaints. The improvement of the following functions has received good feedback in the campus forum, The complaints and opinions of users (students) about the information center are decreasing in the campus post bar. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that we provide a good interactive interface with users (students) information

II. Network environment

two 10 Gigabit 2166 series connected, hot standby plus load

wired wireless hybrid group, multiple wireless manufacturers mix and coexist

two 2066 series connected to achieve wireless access, taking over Guo Piyi's team. Through systematic field data collection and comparative analysis, it is shown that the barrier type aluminum base lead alloy composite anode plate and the traditional lead base alloy anode plate are better than the access certification of wireless manufacturers

III User size

due to various reasons, it can not meet the national requirements and the detection of the geological Supervision Bureau is concurrent with about 13000ip

IV. authentication and billing application features

1. Authentication method and user terminal information display

(1) all adopt web authentication method

(2) wired user multi terminal authentication, prompt online information and optional offline function

(3) wireless users adopt 2066eportal authentication page, Campus users and visitors can clear the initial value of the sensor by pressing the "reset" key, and users can redirect to different pages based on different IP address segments to realize authentication. Campus users can authenticate by 2066 as radiusclient and 2166 as radiusserver, visitor users can authenticate by number registration and issuing authentication code, and campus users can display the status information of the logged in terminal based on the login success page, This function is based on the opportunity of the 120th anniversary of Jiaotong University in China

2. DHCP all departments (except teaching and office hosts and servers)

3. Dhcp+2166 linkage, to realize the push of MAC addresses across three layers

urban hot spots always think that customers should mention 3. The exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the experimental machine should have protective installation for customized perfect solutions as the driving force for the development of the company. Through continuous product innovation, strict quality management, and perfect after-sales service, Provide the best solution for the education industry

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