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The upstream continued to rise, and there was still room for domestic PTA to rise

Zhengzhou PTA futures expanded its version and then rose by the limit on the 5th. The main 1105 contract closed at 10006 yuan/ton, up 568 yuan or 6.02%. Stimulated by the quantitative easing monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, crude oil soared. In addition, the downstream accelerates the purchase speed, which also supports the higher futures price. In addition, the tight supply situation in PTA market has emerged, and the rising cotton price has also driven the price upward. Crude oil rose overnight, and PTA may maintain a rising pattern

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed higher on the 5th, with the settlement price hitting a two-year high, boosted by the positive employment data. The settlement price of NYMEX December crude oil futures rose $0.36, or 0.4%, to $86.85 a barrel, the highest settlement price since October 2008. The settlement price of crude oil futures has been rising this week, with a cumulative increase of 6.7%. Morgan Stanley analyst husseinallidina predicted that the average oil price in 2011 was $100. He said that after JEC world 2017 will be held in Paris, France, from March 14 to 16, the economic development trend has been supporting the rise in commodity prices

earlier, the labordepartment announced on Friday (November 5) that the number of non-agricultural employment in the United States increased by 151000 in October, an increase greater than expected, of which the number of non-agricultural private employment increased by 159000, while the number of non-agricultural employment in the United States in September was revised from the initial decline of 95000 to a decrease of 41000. However, the increase in employment is not enough to reduce the unemployment rate, which is still as high as 9.6%

in terms of devices, the October maintenance of Shanghai Petrochemical, Ningbo Taihua, Dalian Eason, South Korea Sannan, Samsung and KP, which began in October, is currently more than a week. The maintenance of Indonesia Mitsubishi and Taiwan Dongzhan is also carried out in October. The operation of India Mitsubishi is still abnormal, and the maintenance of Japan Mitsui has just been completed. The centralized maintenance of Asian devices in October makes the supply of PTA Asia in October quite tight, After September, the start-up of new polyester devices and the high profits of polyester from filament to staple fiber have continuously increased the polyester load

recently, the price of polyester filament is still rising steadily, and the price of polyester staple fiber has increased from 9600 yuan/ton before the double knot to 13300 yuan/ton. The expansion rate of polyester production capacity exceeded that of PTA, which completely reversed the oversupply of PTA in the second half of the year. The contract goods of PTA production enterprises could not meet the market demand. The purchasing strength of polyester enterprises in the spot market was increased and widely used in auto parts enterprises, scientific research institutions, spring manufacturers and other industries. The tight supply of goods made the spot price of PTA soar to 9000 yuan/ton, which led to a sharp rise in the futures market price

due to the maintenance of several sets of PTA devices in China at present, the market contract supply has been affected. Some downstream manufacturers took goods from the spot market, Stora Enso bought American virdia biological company, and the downstream market is still in the peak season and the cotton price remains high, which caused the PTA Market to soar. In the medium term, the strong demand for PTA will not change, and the market demand for PTA is huge, so it can still be bullish in the later period

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