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Tea packaging is increasingly moving towards environmental protection and low carbon

simple and exquisite bamboo products, recyclable iron boxes Seeing these tea packages, do you think your eyes brighten. It is understood that with the introduction of the central eight regulations that the plasticizing time itself is fluctuating and the manufacturers' attention and innovation to packaging, tea packaging is increasingly moving towards environmental protection and low carbon. It was learned from yesterday's visit that at present, many tea enterprises and tea 3. Choosing the correct cleaning methods, leaf packaging enterprises have begun to reduce the weight of tea packaging, using natural materials such as mud, bamboo, wood as raw materials for tea packaging. These back to nature tea packaging can not only save costs, but also be recycled and reused

phenomenon: tea packaging slimming, low-carbon and environmental protection fashion has become a trend

in wuzhiming tea store, the specialty city of Anxi County, I saw bamboo baskets, bamboo baskets and other tea outer packaging placed on the counter. Compared with the traditional carton packaging, these bamboo product packaging was refreshing. I noticed that these bamboo products were packaged in a variety of specifications, some half a kilo, some a kilo, which can contain 15 bubbles, 30 bubbles, 45 bubbles, etc., while the bamboo tubes were dotted with landscape People, flowers and birds, poetry and calligraphy are pleasing to the eye; The price is also different. It is 190 yuan higher than the original go film, and the ordinary one is only 15 yuan. Put tea in it, cover it, and tie a red bow on it. The whole package is simple and elegant, beautiful and fashionable. Huangyunhui, director of the Discipline Committee of the school of material science and engineering of Tongji University, told us

on the inner packaging of tea, the store replaced the previously popular plastic bags with moisture-proof cotton paper. According to reports, this paper is a degradable substance, which greatly reduces the pollution to the environment

visited many stores in Anxi County specialty city and China tea capital, and found that although traditional paper, plastic, suede boxes and other types of tea packaging can also be seen, the tea packaging made of natural materials such as bamboo, wood, mud and so on has been exposed, and some stores put it in a prominent position as the main product

according to the interview, since the central government issued eight regulations, Anxi tea packaging market has also set off a trend of frugality. Many tea manufacturers have slimmed down the packaging of tea. Some tea enterprises have changed the packaging line to be close to the people, while others have replaced the gold and silver packaging with simple creative design packaging, which has stopped the pace of excessive packaging of tea packaging. Frugality and fashion have gradually become a trend, which not only protects the environment and health, but also reflects the beauty of harmony between man and nature

sound: cost saving and recyclable

compared with other packaging costs, bamboo tea packaging can save 30%, and some even more. Xiao Liandi, the owner of wuzhiming tea shop, said with a bamboo basket that the sales volume of simple and environmentally friendly bamboo packaging increased by 15% over previous years. In addition to the quality of tea, many consumers are interested in the natural, exquisite, unique and healthy packaging of tea

in addition to saving costs, recyclability is also a bright spot in the packaging of bamboo products and tea. Xiao Liandi said that at present, all the packaging in their store is bamboo products. After reaching a certain scale, they will start recycling these packaging. As long as the general tea cans are used, it is inevitable that they will be worn at the seal. Once worn, it is difficult to recycle, and these problems do not exist in the packaging of bamboo products. Bamboo baskets, tubes and baskets can be recycled five or six times without any problem

opened a traditional carton packaging, with yellow silk inside. In the middle of the large box were four small metal tea cans, leaving many gaps in the box. In the packaging of these bamboo products, a bubble of tea is orderly next to each other, avoiding the waste of space

similarly, some large tea enterprises are also preparing to replace the original aluminum cans and tin cans with iron cans or organic synthetic materials. In chadu, a store specializing in tea packaging products, we can see that these recyclable iron cans have some exquisite carvings and patterns on them, which are both beautiful and practical. The tea inside can be used as household furnishings or recycled and reused after soaking

wooden boxes, iron boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. will emerge in large numbers, which will become the future trend of the tea packaging market. Anxi County clothing bags shoes and hats chamber of Commerce relevant person in charge said

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