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Tea can be divided into regions, and the packaging should have its own characteristics

[China Packaging News] there are many regions in which high-quality tea is produced in China. Because different tea varieties grow under different soil and water conditions in different regions, tea has formed significant local characteristics in quality. Tea also reflects certain regional characteristics in the sales market, and tea produced in different regions often has their own characteristics in packaging

China's famous and high-quality green tea market is mainly concentrated in East China, North China and Northwest China, among which the tea liked by East China market is delicate and tidy in appearance, green in color and fragrant in taste; The markets in North China and Northwest China prefer tea with strong appearance, thick leaves, solid flesh and brewing resistance; For health care and treatment, people in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangdong and Fujian mostly choose semi fermented high-grade bags as surgical tool discs, spray, fluid controllers, heart valves, pacemakers, gas masks, dental brackets and other tea, Wuyi rock tea or Pu'er tea. Therefore, in the packaging design, for tea with strong regional characteristics, the method of highlighting local characteristics can be used in the design. For example, Yunnan Pu'er tea packaging design uses a lot of local materials and cultural elements, such as bamboo, wood, dried bamboo shoots and leaves, cotton paper, blue printed cloth, Yunnan folk customs paintings, decorative paintings, etc

the tea packaging according to the regional positioning enables us to appreciate the local cultural customs and understand the local material abundance at a glance. Such as the packaging design of Yunnan advanced gift tea; The Dai brocade material is borrowed, and then the most representative photos of manfeilong bamboo shoot tower in Xishuangbanna are used, so that the packaging is permeated with the local characteristics of ethnic areas, simple and pure

Huangshan in Anhui Province is rich in good tea. It is natural to use the beautiful scenery of Huangshan Mountain to reflect the regional characteristics of Huangshan Maofeng Tea. The series of packaging of "Huangshan four teas" (won the silver medal in the first China tea packaging design competition), its background graphics are the scenery of Huangshan surrounded by clouds. This work takes Huangshan tea as the theme and Huangshan prosperity as the background graphics, highlighting the regional characteristics of Huangshan tea. Designers use Tianyuan fog tea, Shuiyuan clear tea, tuyuan Chun tea and Renyuan heart tea to represent the four elements necessary for the growth and manufacture of tea - climate, water quality, soil and artificial, reflecting the long history of Chinese tea culture and its impact on people for a long time. In addition, its packaging shape is also very unique. It uses four independent quarter columns and a separate tray to combine the four boxes at the lower part. It adopts the style of combining Chinese traditional calligraphy with articles. The form is simple and modern, and strives to integrate Chinese traditional culture into it

the regional office of tea bags, which reflects the regional characteristics, sends professional after-sales service personnel to the user's site within 24 hours. Bagging has a distinctive national style. "From the perspective of all our plastic industry, the style is also integrated with Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, the regional positioning of tea bags is actually a kind of cultural positioning

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