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Team building is the core guarantee of success

high quality talents are the foundation of organizational development and the source of enterprise benefits. As the basic law of enterprise management, they have been recognized by all managers. However, will an enterprise succeed if it has high-quality talents

some enterprises, based on this certain law, try their best to introduce talents with successful experience, and based on the relevant theories of modern human resource management, arrange suitable positions, carry out effective authorization, and give maximum support in work. Talents are also working hard, but in the end, talents have not brought improvement and development to enterprises, Even in some aspects, it has brought a certain degree of adverse effects to enterprises; One of the most important reasons is that employees are not effectively organized to form a team; Everyone in the organization is working hard and busy, but there is no unified understanding of why (the high specific area, high conductivity and thermal conductivity of the overall graphene can strengthen the capacity (mileage) and charging and discharging speed target) of the energy storage system (battery), how (method), who (responsibility), where (post), and to what extent (standard); The information among members is blocked, each fighting on its own, and the results are naturally unsatisfactory due to the lack of strong leadership and unified planning

the development of the organization is the result of the mutual cooperation and joint efforts of all functional departments and employees; In addition to productivity factors, the more important condition for the success of an enterprise is the way and quality of the organization. The performance of the team, a special organization, is much higher than that of the organization in the general sense. Therefore, it will be paid special attention to and recommended in modern human resource management

team refers to a very tacit cooperative relationship formed by people with mutual trust, mutual support, consistent goals and complementary skills to complete a task. An effective team is a practical guarantee for the success of an organization; A successful team generally has the following characteristics: clear goals, open speech, joint decision-making, all participation, team cooperation, team success first; And consciously developing effective working groups in the organization is team building

the flattening of modern enterprise organization will cause the lack of many management positions, but the team can fill the vacancies left by middle-level managers and overcome the obstacles of information transmission; The team can effectively decompose the business development strategy into specific and measurable sub goals, and achieve them through the team; The cooperative, equal and democratic atmosphere advocated and formed by the team is conducive to employees' active participation in the production, operation and management of the enterprise, the cultivation and development of employees' innovative spirit, and the improvement of technology to make up for the lack of personal strength

1. Streamlined and efficient organizational structure and members with complementary skills are the guarantee for the success of the team

just as a football team is composed of forwards, defenders, goalkeepers and other personnel, an efficient team needs to be composed of people with different skills and personalities, and arranged to appropriate positions according to organizational needs and member characteristics. The efficient operation of the whole team can be ensured through the collaborative efforts of the whole team members

an efficient management team needs about six roles with different skills:

organizer: they can effectively organize and integrate the resources of the whole team and reasonably allocate them to the corresponding positions

leaders: they have a strong strategic vision and leadership decision-making ability, and can accurately grasp the organizational goals:

staff officers: they are imaginative, good at putting forward new ideas or concepts, and can provide ideas and suggestions for team decision-making

managers: they can formulate detailed planning plans and promote their implementation according to the strategic thinking of leaders; Be able to feed back management information to leaders in time, put forward improvement suggestions and implement improvement

professional technicians: they have strong professional skills and can effectively solve the technical problems in the process of team operation:

executors: they are the ultimate executors of management instructions, and they also have the deepest feelings about the management effect, and are the original source of feedback information

2. Clear organizational objectives and systematic implementation planning provide guidance and conditions for achieving team performance

the purpose of forming a team is to achieve team goals, and the formulation of goals must follow the smart principle (clear goals, measurable standards, specific implementation plans, pragmatic, time controlled); The team goal is the highest goal of the whole team members. The organizer should make each member clearly understand and agree with the team goal, and cultivate the employees' concept of thinking and dealing with problems from the overall situation

there are more than one ways to achieve goals, but to achieve the best results with the minimum resource consumption under the premise of limited organizational resources, it requires systematic thinking and planning. There are many ways to complete organizational tasks, but there is only one way that is the most effective. Leaders can only make full use of every limited resource of the team, find the most effective method and implement it step by step in a planned way, In order to maximize the benefits for the team, Dr. Ryohei Mori from Japan's Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has been selling nano cellulose composites and various types of biodegradable plastics, starch based biodegradable plastics, etc

3. Team members' role cognition, mutual trust and cooperation, and the sharing of team resources and information are the basis of team success

each member of the team has a relatively stable role orientation. Each member has clear responsibilities, no division of labor, and supports each other for the interests of the team, regardless of conditions; The performance of the whole team is emphasized in the team, and "personal heroism" is not recommended

in order to maximize the use of limited resources to create value for the team, all resources and information in the team are shared. The success of the team is the result of the optimal allocation of resources and information and the joint efforts of all members

4. Correct leadership and strong instruction implementation are powerful means to achieve goals

the success of the team depends on the concerted efforts of all members, and consistency is the necessary guarantee for the success of the team; Team members have different division of labor, different responsibilities, and local goals are interdependent and contradictory; Therefore, it is a powerful guarantee for the smooth realization of team goals to unify the behavior of the whole team under the general goal through correct leadership and strong instructions

5. Seamless communication is the soul of an efficient team:

continuous strengthening of technical breakthrough is the basic way of information transmission. In the process of team management, information transmission, feedback and mutual sharing are the key to management

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