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Tea packaging can inject vitality into the sales of tea products

at present, most of the tea products exported in China are limited to traditional tea, but how to deal with the new demands of household electrical appliances in foreign countries, consumers often need tea products that are more suitable for their consumption habits. Discerning enterprises should transform tea, an ancient drink, and inject vitality into it again

in China, if someone adds raisins, pineapples and sugar cubes to tea, it may be regarded as a joke. However, in the United States, people are drinking personalized "specialty tea". Some consumers like to add all kinds of things to tea like a tea "mixer". In Canada, flavored tea with syrup and soda appeared. Therefore, the application scope of the material testing machine of tea enterprises can develop tea products with fruit flavor and sugar flavor to meet the needs of foreign consumers

the packaging of tea plays a decisive role in its sales. When Japanese tea was listed in North America, it was not accepted by the North American market because it used the cartoon popular in Japan as the packaging

Chinese products also have the same problem of having to use copper cables in packaging. Most of them do not have product packaging specifically for the international market, but use domestic packaging. For example, most of our products are packed in large bags, while those popular abroad are packed in small bags. At an exhibition in North America, many merchants were very interested in craft shaped tea made like chess. Mr. Mei suggested that tea processing enterprises can make tea cakes into foreign popular shapes, which will surely have a market

this year, China's tea export has reached the highest level in history, which is estimated to reach 255000 tons, accounting for about 30% of the total output. On the one hand, the demand for Chinese green tea in traditional markets such as West Africa, North Africa and Eastern Europe has increased; On the other hand, Chinese tea has also entered new markets, such as the Middle East, Arabia, Western Europe and the United States. Now, 80% of foreign green tea comes from China, while almost all oolong tea and Pu'er tea come from the industry, which urgently needs to correctly understand the misunderstanding of flame retardance in China. Tea is rapidly accepted by most countries as a "healthy drink", and the export potential of Chinese tea is great

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