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Te is committed to making all industrial connections more intelligent

since the promulgation of the action plan of made in China 2025, it has faced many challenges. Whether it is the upgrading and transformation of automatic production lines by traditional enterprises, the widespread use of robots in the industry, or various intelligent devices and mechanical controls, it needs electrical connection products with more reliable connection, more stable quality and wider selection

"Te is committed to helping all industrial connections be smarter, greener and more convenient." Mr. larsbrick enkamp (hereinafter referred to as LARS), the global senior vice president and general manager of teconnectivity (hereinafter referred to as TE), who took office in October last year, accepted in Shanghai in mid December 2016 that the development of more diverse high-performance 3D printing materials with independent intellectual property rights in China is a key factor in the development of this technology. In an interview with industry news, this defines the new development trend in the field of global industrial connectivity

experts lead the industrial division

at the beginning of Lars' new career, known as "experts in the automation field", kevinrock, President of te industrial solutions, publicly said to the outside world that this was "exciting and good news" for te industrial division. Lars is mainly responsible for the overall operation and development of the Department, and formulating corresponding policies, strategies and blueprints, with a view to contributing to the global "sustained business growth" of this department

Lars came to China to investigate the Chinese market less than three months after taking office, and received a small-scale media interview in Shanghai. When talking about connection, he said that its concept of connection in a broad sense is not only the connection between devices at the physical level, human-computer interaction, and even the interaction between Chinese and Western cultures. For example, objects can interact without contact. It does not rule out that there will be no physical parts in the future, which are invisible connections. "This is the true ultimate sense of industry 4.0!"

lars said that the larger business of te now and in the future is related to all environmental equipment and all items. Therefore, te will focus on changing from a component supplier to a system supplier

before joining te, Lars was the senior vice president and head of the equipment connectivity business unit of Phoenix Contact. Previously, he also held important positions in companies such as reproelektron IK, IEE and Molex. Lars is also very familiar with the Asian market and has worked in China, Japan and South Korea. He has a deep industry background, rich industry knowledge and excellent management experience. Lars has been struggling in this industry for a quarter of a century

it is worth mentioning that Lars was an ordinary soldier of AMP 25 years ago, and AMP was later acquired by te. In essence, Lars has long been a member of TE, and Minhou has made every effort to promote a number of technological transformation projects! Lars lamented that te has developed greatly in the past few decades. Only in terms of the number of employees, it has grown from 11000 employees 25 years ago to 72000 employees now

the Chinese market has now become a driver

looking at the Chinese market, the gap between the basic components and key parts of local brands and the products of multinational companies is quite obvious. When did developed countries begin to attach importance to products such as connectors and sensors? Lars believes that this issue of China industry news is a natural process. First of all, when the hardware needs to be connected, we will think of the need for conductivity. Therefore, these hardware devices naturally need to develop some accessories related to it, such as plug-ins or connectors to realize the physical connection

the first application of connector is to meet the demand of power transmission, and gradually develop to the connection of data, and data transmission becomes the demand of the second step. Data transmission was wired at the beginning, but now it has developed to wireless

it can be seen that the driving force for the vigorous development of an industry comes from the demand of the market. Lars believes that the fundamental reason for products such as connectors to take the lead in the west is that their "market demand is earlier". Looking at the east now, China has more and more demand, and some aspects have even surpassed the West. Lars lamented, "in many cases, China has now become a market driver."

in the view of relevant te people, it is not empty to say that China is currently in a market driven position in the field of industrial connection

first, in the field of new energy: China is the world's largest solar energy application country, so some technical requirements of this industry start from China; In terms of electric vehicles, China currently has a leading position in the world. Secondly, in the field of railway transportation: the new standards of China's high-speed railway will stimulate new global demand for rail transportation

when talking about the views on the Chinese market, Lars believed that the great changes that have taken place in China in recent years have prompted many opportunities in various industries. China has changed from a former product technology importing country to a product technology exporting country today. Te hopes to grow with Chinese customers and build the latest technology and development together

Lars also said that te's product center services in China are not limited to China, but more to the entire Asian market. Through a week of research, he heard, saw and perceived the voices and user desires of China and even the whole Asia. "From a global perspective, China can play a more important role in the future." Lars said

local strategic layout according to local conditions

in the face of the challenge of the unsatisfactory global economic environment, te achieved a slight increase in global sales revenue in fiscal year 2015, and the fiscal year 2016 (October 2015 to September 2016) was the same as the previous fiscal year, still $12.2 billion, of which the Chinese market contributed more than 20%

what is the core competitiveness of te in China and even the global market

lars believes that the most important thing is that te has a global background. Te has strong engineering research and development capabilities, as well as market layout and strategy teams in different vertical fields

when talking about other international competitors, Lars believes that they are only limited to one or a few industries, such as medical treatment, automobile, etc. However, te covers all industries and has accumulated rich experience in different fields, which is one of the biggest competitive advantages that te is unparalleled

compare the performance of world-renowned automation equipment manufacturers in the Chinese market. In recent years, Chinese local brand enterprises have formed a very obvious catch-up trend

"if the Chinese government and local brand enterprises, driven by the market, have new demands in the Chinese market and begin to pay attention to the development of basic components industry, can te maintain its competitive advantage over Chinese local brands for 10 or 20 years?"

for the doubts of China industry news, Mr. heyouzhi, vice president and general manager of te industry department in China and Southeast Asia, believes that te has its advantages in both technology and production. Te acquired Xiamen xibashi connector Co., Ltd. in February 2015. Chinese local brand enterprises are worthy of te's reference in terms of operational flexibility and keen grasp of market changes. China industry news learned that since he Youzhi assumed his current position in August 2015, he has made major strategic changes in the treatment of China's emerging industries, such as new energy, railway transportation and robotics. He has gained a lot after investing in these emerging industries in product research and development, sales layout and market development

in addition, enhancing te's domestic production capacity is also one of the key layouts for the world connector and sensor giant to meet the "made in China 2025". At present, the number of manufacturing plants under te industrial division has increased from one to two, and the second plant will be officially put into operation in Suzhou in March this year. Suzhou factory mainly produces dynamic, AMPMODU and circular plastic connector (CPC), and will be the technology center of PCB connector. No one really wants to go out of the key technology and product R & D center in the future

lar sincerely said, "relying on te's global leading technological advantages, strong R & D team, and strategic layout adapted to local conditions, te will give full play to its own advantages, actively cooperate with local brand enterprises, and continue to make outstanding contributions to global and Chinese intelligent manufacturing." Attach importance to high-end product design

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