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Te completed the acquisition of precision electronics, a sensor manufacturer, at a transaction price of $1.7 billion

te connectivity, a combustible Swiss electronics company, recently issued an official statement, saying that it had completed the acquisition of measurement specialties (Inc.) at a transaction price of $1.7 billion. The company had previously signed a final agreement with precision electronics to take the average value as the hardness value of the test piece in June this year

headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, USA, precision electronics is a design and manufacturer of sensors and sensor based systems. Its application industries include aerospace defense, consumer electronics, motor vehicles, environmental monitoring, industrial control and medical equipment

and it is composed of multiple components

in the automotive industry, precision electronic sensor products include pressure sensors for braking systems, liquid characteristic sensors for liquid quality monitoring, humidity and temperature sensors for engine control, and inclination sensors for electronic auxiliary braking systems

Tom Lynch, chairman and CEO of Tyco, said that the combination of te's leadership in connection technology and precision electronics rich sensing technology will provide our customers with the widest range of connection and sensor solutions

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