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Tea packaging must work hard on the word "real"

in June this year, the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities passed the examination and approval of the national standards review committee. The general rules clearly stipulates that the number of layers of tea packaging shall not exceed 3; The packing porosity of tea shall not exceed 25%; The total packaging cost of tea except the initial packaging should not exceed 15% of the factory price of the commodity dispensing industrial model. Recently, the author interviewed the Maliandao tea market in Beijing and found that compared with the general principles, there is still the problem of over packaging of tea

buying tea is buying tea. Drinking tea is not packaging, so complex packaging is really too wasteful. On the afternoon of August 22, Su Jinguo, a shopkeeper at No. 16, the first floor of Jingmin tea leaf city, Malian Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing, expressed his views on excessive packaging

Su Jinguo's words have spoken the aspirations of many tea wholesalers, but they are also very helpless about the phenomenon that boxes are more expensive than tea. Xieshunxia, whose shop is near Chayuan teahouse, said that there are so many packaging stores that customers can have whatever price they want. It doesn't matter if you buy it or drink it. You must choose a good box to give it to someone

the author immediately came to the Shengshi packaging store on the second floor of Maliandao tea city, which specializes in tea gift boxes. There are a wide range of gift boxes ranging from more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan. The shopkeeper Lin Huiyue took out a gift box with a price of 80 yuan and said that this kind of box is usually bought for gifts. There are two porcelain cans in it, containing almost 400 grams of tea, and a leather handbag outside. It looks similar to that kind of high-end brand gift box and sells well. What price of tea do you usually pack? That's different. There are hundreds to three or five hundred. Most people mainly buy a package to look good

at the request of the author, Lin Huiyue took out a set of gift boxes of 480 yuan, including leather handbags, carved wooden boxes, yellow silk and satin, and plastic foam. It didn't look much different from the gift box of 80 yuan, but there were two exquisite tin cans in the box. Some customers didn't buy particularly expensive tea, but they had to match this kind of gift box. They said that this was the only way to have grade.

and in a packaging store on the first floor of Beijing Fujian tea leaf city, I saw a gift box with a price of 580 yuan, In addition to a tin can, there are two dolomite jade tea cans in the box. The owner said that the box is expensive on these three tea cans. Although the price is not cheap, the sales volume is also OK

in Xizhimen store of Beijing Huatang shopping mall, the author saw a box of high-end tea with a price of more than 1300 yuan. The outermost layer is a leather handbag, and the second layer is a carved wooden box with exquisite patterns. The box is lined with a layer of plastic foam wrapped with yellow silk. On the silk are two porcelain cans, which are sealed tea in plastic bags. The whole gift box has more than 4 layers from the inside to the outside. In another tea gift box with similar packaging, there is a set of exquisite tea set beside the two porcelain cans, which occupies less than half of the space in the box, and the void ratio is more than 30%. The salesperson said that the gift box and tea were provided by the manufacturer, and the value of the gift box was included in the price of the commodity

a two-day survey shows that most of the high-end tea gift boxes have problems of too many layers of packaging, too large gaps, and too high packaging costs

in fact, many manufacturers are also abandoning luxurious and complex packaging. At the Beijing exhibition, Sikma company also developed a similar "polyamide" material, Lubao tongxinda tea store. The owner Wang Xiujing showed a oolong tea with a price of more than 600 yuan. Hard carton bottom and transparent plastic box body. Inside the box are two ordinary tea cans. Ordinary paper bags are also used in handbags. The red can body and handbags are very festive. With the same volume, the volume of this package is only half of that of luxury package. Wang Xiujing said that the purpose of packaging is to highlight brand characteristics, and luxury packaging is not necessary at all

these gift boxes are beautiful and practical, which are suitable for making gifts. The salesperson of Chunguang Mingyuan in Beijing Tea Horse Building pointed to a paper gift box and said. The author saw in the store that in addition to several commemorative versions of tea using fine wooden boxes, tea from tens to hundreds of yuan are equipped with simple cartons and ordinary paper handbags. The salesperson said that it was a pity that some customers didn't like it, saying that the packaging was too simple and there was no way

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