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Shandong Lingong good driver protects Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest

Shandong Lingong good driver protects Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest

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tall machines roar under the gaze of Dai girls, and young operators pledge to protect the tropical rain forest. From July 23 to 24, the second stop of the 2016 good driver activity was held in beautiful Xishuangbanna. Under the joint guidance of Shandong Lingong and the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), local construction units and engineering machinery operators deeply learned standardized operation and energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, and called for practical actions to protect tropical rain forests and implement the "ecological first" development strategy

Xishuangbanna station good driver staff worked carefully on the site

this is the third time that good driver activities have been held in Yunnan. After the launch of the activity in 2013, Kunming was listed as one of the first covered cities to help local construction machinery operators obtain professional qualifications. In 2015, the good driver activity was oriented along the "the Belt and Road" and came to Kunming again. Around the two events, nearly 1000 people benefited from it, which improved the operation level of the whole Yunnan region, popularized the concept of public welfare, spread virtue deeds, and caused strong repercussions inside and outside the industry. In 2015, Wang Xiang from Yuxi was selected as one of the "top ten good drivers" of the year, becoming a model for peers across the country

Wang Xiang (second from the right), the winner of the last top ten best drivers, joined the big family of good drivers with his little friends

Yunnan is densely forested and the road conditions are complex. In the past good driver activities, some operators often needed three days or more to rush to the provincial capital to participate in the training, and many people had to give up because of the distance. In order to create more opportunities for operators in remote areas to learn and communicate, Xishuangbanna station is specially set up for this good driver activity. At the same time, Shandong Lingong and WWF have upgraded the good driver activity again, adding more content of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, which is highly consistent with the development concept of "ecological first" in Xishuangbanna and highly praised by local insiders

On July 23, operators from Yuxi, Pu'er, Xishuangbanna and other places, as well as leading enterprises in the industries of mining, iron and steel, and Liu Wengong reported on the preparatory work report for the development alliance of civil aircraft materials industry. Stone, construction and other industries gathered at Jinghong Jindi hotel to exchange This good driver activity was launched with the theme of the party. In 2015, the "top ten good drivers" conscientiously implemented relevant national laws and regulations. Wang Xiang also came to the scene and told his peers about his experience of going to temporary work to participate in advanced training camps and receiving awards on the same stage with good Thai drivers. Wang Xiang said that the good driver activity has broadened his horizons and made his excavator business booming day by day. He hoped that more peers could seize this opportunity to realize the dual improvement of career development and life realm

as part of the environmental protection volunteer action of good drivers, WWF and Shandong temporary workers set up professional training on standardized operation and energy conservation and emission reduction, and led some operators to participate in the action of protecting tropical rain forests and rare orchids. Volunteers traveled through Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, learned to identify rare species under the guidance of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and carefully planted rare orchid varieties with the former expensive staff of the botanical garden. Through this experience of caring for plants and seedlings, operators are trained to protect rare species, avoid destroying vegetation in daily construction, and safeguard the ecological environment of tropical rainforest

good driver volunteers are listening carefully to the staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on how to better protect the rainforest ecological environment

in the good driver activity, Yunnan has always been among the best. In the practical test held on July 24, many drivers who have worked in mountainous areas for a long time showed excellent operating skills and won bursts of applause; And the deeds of good drivers who helped mountain people build mountains and roads and led young people in remote areas to start businesses and become rich also won real and warm applause. Under the enthusiastic publicity of the previous two sessions of students, the concept of "helping others and making yourself happy" of the good driver activity has been highly recognized by Yunnan operators

during this activity, Shandong Lingong officially launched the "all-round support plan for user growth" in Yunnan to provide all-round training support, customized product support, financial support to encourage entrepreneurship and post market support for the whole life cycle to users who participate in driver activities and are enthusiastic about environmental protection, and to help construction machinery users achieve independent entrepreneurship or career upgrading in the way of "four-wheel drive", Make more front-line operators or small and medium-sized users embark on the road of wealth creation

"user growth plan" has attracted the active participation of many good drivers

in June this year, 2016 Shandong temporary good driver activity was launched in Yunfu, Guangdong Province, and Xishuangbanna is the second stop. Next, it will be held successively in Tangshan, Hebei, Nanchang, Jiangxi, Wuhan, Hubei and other places. It is open to all construction machinery users and social environmentalists. Those who have outstanding deeds in the action can be promoted to participate in the temporary work activity and participate in the annual good driver selection, Selected as a good driver of the year, he will receive high bonuses and prizes, and become an environmental protection pioneer and public welfare model in the construction machinery industry

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