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Shandong Huixin biological pulp paper gives hope to straw pulp papermaking

the traditional straw pulp papermaking process of a paper mill polluting a river makes people hate wheat straw pulping, even to the extent of talking about the color change of grass. The main pollution of straw pulp papermaking is waste liquid (usually called black liquor) pollution. Recently, Huixin biological pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. has adopted biotechnology to realize the recycling of cooking waste liquid, which has been affirmed by many experts in the industry

biological liquid is modified to replace chemical raw materials

all the water in the middle of straw pulp and papermaking is reused

Li Jingmin, chairman of Huixin biological pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., told that this biotechnology is to select a group of microbial flora and place it in the biological bacteria pool (the pool is equipped with a culture medium that is prepared in proportion with red sugar, corn flour and clean water first). After 6 to 7 days of biological metabolism, the biological liquid is modified to change into organic solvents and enzymes, It becomes a raw material that can be used for cooking and pulping, and can be directly used in the cooking section instead of all chemical raw materials. It is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments. After the cooking and squeezing process, the extruded cooking waste liquid is returned to the biological bacteria pool to replace the medium mixed with brown sugar and corn flour. In this way, the resource ecological cycle of cooking waste liquid is formed. This new technology process is one of the largest polymer production companies in the world from the source, eliminating the pollution of straw pulp waste liquid and eliminating the huge cost of waste liquid treatment in all traditional processes

on April 9, 2005, the technology of non polluting biological pulping to produce high-strength corrugated base paper officially passed the technical appraisal organized by the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province. The identification shows that this technology not only realizes the recycling of pulping black liquor, but also improves the yield of crude pulp by 14 ~ 15 percentage points compared with the ammonium sulfite semi chemical pulping and papermaking process, and avoids the treatment of concentrated black liquor in the ammonium sulfite pulping process. At the same time, this process also saves production water and reduces the cost per ton of paper by nearly 300 yuan

it is understood that due to the use of biotechnology, straw pulp waste liquid is modified to replace chemical raw materials for the cooking section, and no chemicals are added in the production process, which improves the living environment of microorganisms in the middle water treatment system and greatly improves the biodegradability of the middle water. Therefore, as long as enterprises use conventional biochemical water treatment facilities, they can make the production wastewater meet the reuse requirements

in actual production, the middle water of our company has been recycled repeatedly for more than a year, and the pollution of straw pulp and papermaking has become history. Li Jingmin said to

the technology has a wide range of applications

the equipment and process need no transformation, that is, the jetpreg process developed by cannon can be used to produce honeycomb core reinforced composites.

it is learned that after biological pulping is used in production, the treatment cost of converting pulping waste liquid into cooking materials is 6 yuan/cubic meter, and the recycling utilization rate of straw pulp waste liquid can reach 100%. In addition, paper sludge can be used to produce organic compound fertilizer. This technology is applicable to wheat straw, straw, cotton straw, reed and other raw materials, and can produce paperboard, various packaging paper, cultural paper, household paper and other kinds of paper

with biotechnology, the long-term recycling of cooking waste liquid can be achieved in large-scale production. All the middle water can be reused without being discharged. The superior AA grade high-strength corrugated base paper can be produced from grass raw materials. This process should be said to be perfect. The key to the production of cultural paper by this method is the technical and economic rationality of bleaching process. Li Zhongzheng, doctoral tutor of Nanjing Forestry University, commented

based on China's national conditions, as long as straw pulp papermaking solves the problem of environmental protection, it will be of great significance to economic development and farmers' income increase. At the same time, it can also increase the source of raw materials for papermaking enterprises. Experts believe that this technology has opened up a new way for paper enterprises to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources and protect the ecological environment

this technology is applicable to all ready-made equipment and processes for cutting grass, cooking, pulping and papermaking. Li Jingmin said that all paper-making enterprises using crop straw as raw materials can produce ideal paper without any transformation of equipment and processes. At the same time, he also hopes that this process can be popularized and applied on a larger scale

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