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Shandong Lingong 2019 business conference was grandly held

from January 6 to 7, Shandong Lingong 2019 business conference was grandly held in Sanya, Hainan. Company leaders Wang Zhizhong, Yu Mengsheng, Wen Degang, Wang zhesen and Chi Feng attended the meeting. Shi Shengyong, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of the marketing company presided over the meeting, and more than 400 dealers and service providers across the country attended the meeting

3. The gas medium used in this system must be kept clean. Chairman Wang Zhizhong delivered a keynote speech on "new opportunities, new kinetic energy, new development". He pointed out that after market adjustment in previous years, the industry is in a new round of growth cycle. We must recognize the current opportunities and seize them firmly. We should continue to speed up the optimization and upgrading of channels, accelerate the reform of operation and management, and continue to enhance the competitiveness of channels in accordance with the requirements of the "two advances". The chairman asked the dealers to integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of temporary work, seize new opportunities, inject new momentum, plan new development, and achieve the established tasks and goals

in his speech, president Yu Mengsheng analyzed the economic situation at home and abroad and looked forward to the development trend of the construction machinery market. At present, maodi, Yujing and Yuanjing have joined. It puts forward the requirements of cohesion and win-win results from the aspects of channel upgrading, layout and leasing, stacking "printing materials" 1 layer by layer according to 3D image data, CO building the post market by manufacturers, building wolf teams, and building long-term cooperative relationships. President Yu stressed that under the new opportunities, no matter how ups and downs the development of the industry, we will unswervingly support the generation to carry out complete biocompatibility testing, the strategic positioning of business development will not change, the cooperation concept of working together with agents to create a sustainable and healthy partnership will not change, and the fighting spirit of working hard and passionately with agents will not change. It is hoped that the dealers will open a new chapter of career development together with temporary workers with eternal passion, eternal struggle and lofty goals

General Manager Wen Degang made the "2019 business conference work report", which comprehensively summarized the main work of the company in 2018 in terms of marketing, R & D, operation, management, brand and cultural construction, and reported the main work tasks, objectives and measures of the company this year. Mr. Wen requested that the manufacturer's marketing team should earnestly enhance its sense of mission and sense of responsibility, improve market participation under the background of "development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities", further stimulate market vitality, grasp the main direction in the competition, strive to create new achievements according to the general tone of "high performance, high quality and high speed", and manufacturers should work together to make new contributions to achieving the goals set by the company

at the meeting, the heads of relevant business departments of the company communicated with dealers from the dimensions of financial support, product research and development, services and accessories

the conference commended and rewarded the units with outstanding achievements in marketing, service and accessories in 2018. Zhai Wenbin, chairman of Shaanxi Dingxin and Zhou Zhengshun, chairman of Shandong stonework, made typical speeches on behalf of the winning units

the conference invited Yingli Zhishu, a director of karnamoto, and chengshaoshan, a marketing practice expert, to give special training lectures to the participants

on site of the conference

chairman Wang Zhizhong made an important speech

president Yu Mengsheng made a speech

General Manager Wen Degang presented awards to the representatives of award-winning dealers

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