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Shandong Lingong dealers strive to build the first service brand in Gansu

Shandong Lingong dealers strive to build the first service brand in Gansu

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recently, the service inspection activity of "the Belt and Road customer service care month" carried out by Shandong Lingong dealers Gansu Lingong was held grandly. This activity aims to convey the love of Gansu Lingong to users through in-depth customer visits, Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to sdlg brand

Shandong Lingong Gansu dealers conduct customer visits

at the beginning of 2015, Gansu Lingong officially determined the brand concept of "serving you wholeheartedly throughout the whole process" to inherit Shandong Lingong service, gathered "new energy" facing the future, focused on creating a "new image" of the Lingong service brand, and built a "new advantage" in market competition

in 2016, relying on the national strategic plan of "the the Belt and Road", Gansu Lingong made careful layout, created service competitiveness, and promoted sales with services, making Shandong Lingong the preferred construction machinery brand for customers. During the service patrol inspection, the service engineers went deep into the front line of product use in mining areas, coal yards, mixing stations, wood processing plants, cement plants, construction sites and so on, so as to "where there are Shandong Lingong products, there are our visits, and where there are Shandong Lingong reliable product services", and convey the love of Gansu Lingong to every user with practical actions

Shandong temporary service engineers repair equipment for customers

during the visit, more than 30 kinds of useful materials can be provided for the disassembly of service scrapped vehicles for secondary use. Migrant workers have made a comprehensive revision of the original GB8624 (1) 997 version in China. Engineers wear uniform, carry the performance of special tools and materials with temporary work marks, carry out professional quantitative project testing for users, and establish a professional brand image in the eyes of users, At the same time, it helped users solve the actual product problems and trained users on the use and maintenance problems; Through face-to-face communication, we can get the feedback of users' product suggestions, understand the market demand and customer demand, and lay a solid foundation for the service goal of Gansu Lingong to build the first brand of Gansu service. These two seemingly unparalleled product foundations make customers truly feel the brand service from Lingong dealers

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