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Packaging automation system design

demand continues to grow

today, packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers are working in one direction, that is, to provide customers with more comprehensive services, not limited to the mechanical products themselves, but began to provide them with more competitive value-added design and services, For example, a more complete front and rear integration capability can enable the equipment to provide the ability of online production, so as to improve the overall production efficiency. By integrating modern management systems such as ie, such as TPM, QC, SPC and other tools into the whole line production, it can provide the basic data of equipment in terms of quality optimization. Moreover, the activities of all branches serving the production batch of the whole plant should be consistent with the overall deployment of the association. On the other hand, The system should be more flexible, be able to produce according to the changes of orders, shorten the whole reload time and the production of products of different specifications, all of which put forward more stringent requirements for the control of packaging. However, how to meet these growing needs

all in one's software development platform

obviously, in order to meet these increasingly complex needs, a fully integrated platform is very important. It is difficult to imagine that a system lacking a complete platform can provide such horizontal and vertical control system integration capabilities - that is why automation studio's "all in on (3) electric light source industry (energy-saving lamps) 20%; The "e" design concept has been recognized and used by many large packaging machinery manufacturers

the packaging system includes logic control, valve island, hydraulic pressure, safety technology, motion control, robotics, and high-speed real-time communication technology, and all these objects can be developed in automation studio. It has open function block calls, the development libraries supported by IEC can be supported, PLCopen safety, logic, hydraulic, motion libraries can also be supported here, and softcnc Robotics robot library functions can also be supported here, including the communication support ability for a variety of field buses and the complex algorithm design of C high-level language. All these can be realized in the software platform automation studio, which gives it the ability to realize the interconnection of mechanical equipment in the whole plant, and to realize modular design to meet the flexible combination ability of machinery

Figure 1: all in one design concept architecture of b&r automation studio

because in the design of automation studio, software can be modularized, which meets the future trend of machine modular design. Software can be tailored to meet the needs of different projects without complex reconstruction costs

development platform of full process service

Figure 2: concept of full capability platform for programming, debugging, diagnosis and maintenance

if we want to provide end customers with full process service capability, we must need a fully integrated platform to achieve full particles of recycled plastic raw materials. It must have full process integration capability, otherwise, it is almost unimaginable, Because products from different manufacturers will mean complex connection costs due to different software operations and interfaces, these patchwork will often make the maximum efficiency of the system unable to play, or can not obtain the best performance price ratio, because they were not originally implemented according to the same design concept, and do not have innate internal optimization ability

automation Studio development platform can provide this ability. After conceptual design, the project will be divided into functional blocks, and then different project participants will complete different units, such as screen design, program design, process algorithm, management software, maintenance system. These different participants can work together. Through good project version management, different participants can jointly realize the design of a machine, In the development stage, automation studio can provide designers with multiple language support capabilities. For example, ladder diagram is suitable for logic, while C language is suitable for algorithm design. Even the display library of OMAC packml can be supported in b&r automation studio. When the program design of the project is completed, the logic and motion parts of the program can be debugged with automation studio, These debugging work includes oscilloscope function to analyze the influencing factors in the process of motion control, and provide engineers with rapid problem analysis. After debugging, the on-site automation studio can help engineers diagnose and maintain, so that they can quickly find and solve problems

Figure 3: the whole process service capability of automation studio

standardization - the future development of packaging control

is there a day when machines can be programmed without programming? Or one day, everyone uses the same standard operation, and the operator of the end customer can operate the whole machine almost without learning

this is not impossible. B&r is seeking a standardized control system design scheme for labeling, palletizing, hot film packaging and other models. The purpose of this scheme is to extract the same parts from different machines for structural modeling, so that the common content in the whole packaging process, hardware and software function blocks, are extracted and packaged into a function block, According to the increasingly complex motor system of household appliances, different machines carry out the "building block" of software blocks, such as alarm, printing, statistical analysis, status display, maintenance, language switching, etc., which will exist on different machines. While color code detection and tension control are unique to some machines, they will vary according to the changes of materials, speed, trigger mode, etc., but even so, It also has something in common. Through modeling and packaging, it only needs to leave the interface for customer parameter setting when using it. They can choose the appropriate parameters according to their needs, and the system calculates the intelligent optimization of control parameters for them, so as to realize the rapid system construction and use. This design concept will bring huge benefits to shorten the development cycle and save the development cost

standardization not only faces the control software or hardware itself, but also means that it must be standard project management, standard software documentation, project requirements analysis, user manuals and other documents, but also includes the communication mechanism, project technical exchange memorandum, technical acceptance specifications and standards, etc., all of which will make the design of the whole packaging control system more perfect, So as to provide a more perfect machine design

as a technology leader in the automation industry, b&r is increasingly serving as a global leader in the packaging industry. It can provide customers with real high value-added products and services, and pass this competitiveness to partners to jointly win market opportunities

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