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As an important pole of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Shandong heavy industry Weichai group has walked out of a unique path of scientific development

with the increasingly obvious trend of global economic integration, the equipment manufacturing industry, which represents the level of China's industrial development, is also inevitably integrated into the tide of globalization

As an important pole of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Shandong heavy industry Weichai group has embarked on a unique path of scientific development, and its path of internationalization is particularly noteworthy and can be used for reference

in 2010, Weichai put forward the goal of "challenging the world's first", and set out for the world's most advanced equipment manufacturing field, aiming to enter the world's top 500

to achieve this grand goal, the internationalization of enterprise development is a "threshold" that must be crossed. Weichai has achieved this

capital going out and completing overseas strategic layout

globalization makes Chinese enterprises generally face the pressure of international development

the general rule of internationalization of Chinese Enterprises - "going out and bringing in" has different interpretations in Weichai. Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai group, told China industry news that Weichai's "going out" is based on mergers and acquisitions. For the internationalization of industrial enterprises, there is no doubt that the gem layer is a shortcut for building external walls. Weichai, on this shortcut, is the pioneer and winner in the field of internal combustion engines in China

the acquisition of French boduan engine company is the first test of Weichai's international capital operation

affected by the international financial crisis, the hundred year old French boduan engine company fell into the brink of bankruptcy. While many enterprises are still weighing the pros and cons, Weichai made a decisive attack in January 2009, taking the lead in the acquisition of boduan company, making up for the blank of the company's 16 liter high-speed engine, further improving the product chain, and providing important support for enterprises to fully enter the yacht power and industrial power generation equipment market

not only that, Weichai also quickly established a European R & D center based on boduan. Through this center, European WP6 and WP12 engines quickly opened the door to Europe and entered the European market

in March 2010, Weichai boduan (Singapore) Co., Ltd., which was registered by Weichai, was officially established in Singapore. This is the first branch of Weichai in Southeast Asia, marking another important step towards the internationalization goal of establishing a global brand

in January 2012, Weichai achieved absolute control over the largest luxury yacht manufacturer in the world, Italy Faraday Co., Ltd., and officially set foot in the field of luxury yachts

it is understood that Faraday has internationally renowned brands, top manufacturing technology, high-quality products and perfect sales channels. In particular, its global leading industrial design capability is an important factor that Weichai is determined to win. Weichai has unique "Chinese advantages" such as low-cost large-scale manufacturing, huge market network and service system

for this strategic reorganization, Tan Xuguang commented: "our merger and acquisition of international enterprise Faraday group mainly solves three problems: first, from domestic brands to international brands, realizing brand internationalization. Second, from land power manufacturing to offshore power manufacturing, our technology has improved to a higher level. Third, from operating domestic enterprise teams to operating international enterprise teams, realizing the internationalization of management teams."

it is noteworthy that by taking advantage of the shortcut of merger and reorganization, Weichai has extended its international tentacles to all parts of the world step by step

at present, Weichai has set up global operation centers in the United States, France, Italy and Singapore, branches in India and Vietnam, and offices in 22 countries. The international network has been steadily expanded

recently, we learned from Weichai that in 2012, the company was exploring the establishment of engine production bases in Brazil, Myanmar, Russia and other regions to ensure the annual production capacity of 20000-30000 units and realize the real internationalization of production

service goes out and establishes a global marketing service system

as in the domestic market, the split sleeve design of international shoulder end sample tooling accelerates the progress of production field experiments. The market is not simply composed of product production and sales, and service is an indispensable part. Even for an enterprise that intends to expand its strength in the international market, the role of service may be more prominent

Weichai has made great efforts to establish an international service system

it is understood that at present, Weichai has established more than 150 service points abroad, and its products are exported to more than 180 countries and regions such as India, Vietnam, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Weichai's service system has also been extended to all parts of the world with Weichai products

from 2005 to 2011, Weichai engines sold more than 200000 units in the international market. At the same time, Weichai engine has also created a spare parts market of more than US $100million per year, and the international post service market has begun to take shape

when talking about the marketing service system of Weichai, I have to mention the Amico medal

Zhong Lei, an employee of Weichai, has a medal awarded by Mr. ghizadeh, President of Amico industrial group from Tehran, Iran. This medal is an epitome of the successful operation of Weichai's global service network and the beginning of Weichai's building a global service system

Amico is the direct supporting plant of Weichai in Iran. In 2009, Weichai WD615 and WD618 series diesel engines had about 4000 units in the company. Good service to the company is very important for Weichai engine sales and brand image improvement in Iran

Zhong Lei, who was then the deputy director of Iran's maintenance service center, received a report from the technical staff of Amico company about the engine quality problem, although the Amico factory is located in jolfa Town, more than 800 kilometers away, and it takes about ten hours to drive. But Zhong Lei didn't hesitate. He set out immediately and finally arrived at the factory at 5 a.m

after repeated inspection, Zhong Lei found that there was no problem with the engine itself, and the vibration was caused by the improper configuration of the whole vehicle and the improper water tank support. He explained the cause of the problem to the technicians and test drivers, and cooperated with them to change the support. After the matter was handled smoothly, he also specially wrote a written report and handed it to the chairman of Amico, whose working attitude was highly praised by the leadership of Amico

with timely service, good attitude and effective communication, Weichai group Iran center finally won the affirmation and trust of Iranian users with its own efforts

in the past, Iran's construction machinery market has been occupied by internationally renowned brands, but in recent years, due to the establishment and role of Weichai's service system, many local powerful construction machinery agents in Iran have begun to become loyal customers of Weichai

this is just a simple epitome of the internationalization of Weichai's service system. With the continuous acceleration of Weichai's internationalization process, overseas offices are all over the world, and the team of personnel stationed abroad is growing. While providing first-class services to global users, it has publicized Weichai's brand and won the praise of overseas users

Tan Xuguang said that in the future, Weichai plans to build another 150 service stations to make the total number of service stations reach 300, and plans to establish 6 global parts center libraries and 20 Weichai global training centers simultaneously, so as to contribute to the international service system

talents are introduced to improve international competitiveness

"let those who can do what they can't do do do it", which is Weichai's talent idea

the successful introduction and role of international technical talents is the first successful case of Weichai international talent strategy

since 2008, Weichai has begun to build a cutting-edge high-end technology development platform, set up a team for it, allocate resources, and take the lead on the road of technological internationalization

in May this year, Weichai group independently developed ECU, a high-pressure common rail electronic control system for heavy-duty diesel engines, which has independent intellectual property rights and is also developed by a number of domestic suppliers. It marks that the monopoly situation of foreign enterprises in this field has been broken. It is learned that the leader of this technical achievement is Li Daming, a dynamics expert returning from abroad

core technology is a hard indicator to measure the competitiveness of equipment manufacturing enterprises. The introduction of a large number of high-end talents has made Weichai closer to the international level in core R & D

many international high-end talents such as Li Daming, Qian Cheng and Ronald Lang Moore have found a platform to show their talents in Weichai, which not only ensures the continuous development and production of Weichai's new products, but also objectively promotes the upgrading of Weichai's R & D system

the specific performance is that scientific research institutions have developed from the previous linear technical departments, which are composed of laboratories, design rooms, process rooms, management rooms, etc., to a matrix, establishing different R & D centers, research institutes, design rooms and other departments on several scientific research platforms, forming an overall scientific research entity

with the continuous introduction of a large number of high-quality talents, the talent structure of Weichai group has been optimized, and an excellent 1000 person R & D team and 1000 person marketing team have been initially established, providing an important talent guarantee for the leapfrog development of the group

it is understood that so far, key positions such as chief scientist, strategic director, legal director and informatization director of Weichai group have been held by overseas high-end talents introduced in recent years

Tan Xuguang said that with the implementation of Weichai's "12th Five Year Plan" strategy, the group company will strive to mobilize all sectors of society, actively use overseas high-end talent resources, and establish a talent management system with international ideas, strategic matching, and market optimization, so that Weichai can become an international talent highland in the equipment manufacturing industry

it can be said that as a leading enterprise in the domestic automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai group has a solid and steady pace of internationalization, which can be described as a step by step. However, the industry generally believes that Weichai has the strength to move towards the world's top 500 in terms of global strategic layout, global service system construction, international high-end talent echelon construction, etc

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