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Shandong Lingong Anhui dealers bucked the trend to achieve a new breakthrough

Shandong Lingong Anhui dealers bucked the trend to achieve a new breakthrough

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on October 16, 2015, with the successful delivery of a lg968n loader, Anhui Zhenxing group has successively purchased more than ten large loaders from Anhui Julong company, the Anhui distributor of Shandong Lingong loaders this year. As a Shandong Lingong loader dealer just established this year, Anhui Julong has won the favor of local customers represented by Zhenxing group

lg978 loader delivery customers

with the gradual increase of the national integration of mineral resources, relevant enterprises have implemented measures such as large-scale production and intensive management, in order to seek a more stable development in the fierce market competition. As a large private enterprise integrating roads and bridges, building materials, commercial concrete, iron ore, cement, coal logistics and real estate, Zhenxing group is also actively promoting internal integration. In the view of the head of the group, large construction machinery and equipment are more in line with the current needs of the group due to their higher efficiency. Through product comparison, Zhenxing group found that Shandong Lingong large loader has greater digging force, higher efficiency, reliability and durability, so it has a strong interest in Shandong Lingong products. Anhui Julong's customized services for customers have also made Zhenxing group very satisfied. Considering all aspects, Zhenxing group has successively purchased more than a dozen Shandong Lingong large loaders this year

although the team of Anhui Julong is very young, it has unique views on the industry. According to Jiang Fan, the person in charge of the company, "the market adjustment that the industry is experiencing at present brings more opportunities. As long as we keep up with the adjustment and actively respond, we can achieve breakthroughs in market adversity." At present, customer groups and demands are changing. In the future, the market demand for construction machinery will extend to both miniaturization and large-scale, and develop in depth to differentiation. In the view of Anhui Julong, the demand for mainframes in some markets in Anhui has more potential, so the company took the development of mainframes' seat guard field as one of the company's development directions at the beginning of its establishment

the clear positioning has made Anhui Julong welcomed by many big customers in a short time, which has also become a good story for donglingong dealers to improve their core competitiveness and grow against the trend in the depressed market environment

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