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Shandong Lingong • the Asian Champions League shines in Vietnam

on May 6, 2015, the Asian Champions League group C Vietnam Pingyang vs Bo sun god kicked off at the Pingyang stadium in Vietnam. Shandong Lingong, as the only construction machinery brand sponsor of the Asian Champions League, took the opportunity to hold a grand event interaction activity outside the Pingyang stadium in Vietnam with the theme of "lifting the football dream", fully displaying the brand and product image of Shandong Lingong, Shine the passion and dream of football in Vietnam

Shandong Lingong • Asian Championship shines in Vietnam

at the event site, Shandong Lingong launched a number of star loader products such as lg936l, lg953n and lg956, which attracted a large number of on-site fans to stop and watch. Through the exhibition, Shandong Lingong's corporate culture and the football passion of the Asian Champions League match were integrated into the hearts of the on-site fans. The wonderful football shooting interactive game also let the on-site participants experience the fun of a football dream of galloping on the field and shooting passionately. Mr. Miao Renlai, President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh, attended the event and delivered a congratulatory message on behalf of the guests. He highly affirmed Shandong Lingong's on-site Asian Championship activities and praised the scale and boldness of Shandong Lingong's strong presence in the Vietnamese market. Private business owners such as gravel yards, mixing stations, coal yards, sand quarries in southern Vietnam, Chinese funded enterprises and members of the Chinese Chamber of commerce also participated in the activities. Through on-site observation and interaction, they were deeply moved by the reliable products, high-quality services of Shandong Lingong and the layout of Vietnam's network channels, and some customers reached purchase intentions on the spot

Shandong Lingong • Asian crown shines in Vietnam

Shandong Lingong has entered the Vietnamese market since February 2014. With its reliable and efficient products and brand awareness, it has quickly opened a market sales situation in northern Vietnam. A number of loader products have been praised and favored by customers in six provinces, including Laojie, Guangning, Xing'an, and Vietnamese agents have established secondary marketing networks in these provinces. This time, Shandong Lingong landed in the southern market of Vietnam with the help of the Asian Champions League, thoroughly penetrated the north and South markets of Vietnam, improved the marketing service network layout in Vietnam, and provided users with reliable products and reliable and efficient services

in a nutshell, at 18:00 p.m. on the green field, Vietnam Pingyang team's home game against Bo Yangshen officially began. The temporary work publicity videos and on-site cheering cries that were constantly played on the big screen ignited passion again and again. Shandong temporary work "temporary work yellow" fan cheering group became a scene of its own, waving its cheering stick and waving flags and shouting along with the rhythm of the game, not to support the query and improve the on-site atmosphere, So that fans from all over Vietnam are infected with the passion and dream of Shandong Lingong

as the most influential and competitive football event in Asia, the AFC Club League, especially the Asian Champions League, has gained more and more influence in Asia and even the world, and the audience and fans are also increasing in recent years, since the base conforms to the national strategy. Shandong Lingong takes advantage of the Asian championship level and can increase the variability of indication. The innovative implementation of sports marketing has rapidly improved the global brand awareness and reputation of Shandong Lingong. At present, it also coincides with China's proposal of the "one road one belt" infrastructure construction development strategy. Shandong Lingong seizes this great opportunity to pour its passion and passion for football into Vietnam through the sponsorship of the Asian Champions League, deliver its reliable products to Vietnam, and help Vietnam's national infrastructure construction to achieve a win-win situation

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