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The size of the 201 pieces of Shandong Lingong should be based on the shape and foundation map rules. The 4-year "Lingong Cup" Football Championship was successfully completed

Shandong Lingong 2014 "Lingong Cup" Football Championship was successfully completed

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in order to enrich the spare time life of employees, promote communication between business units, and strengthen the sense of teamwork among employees, Shandong Lingong trade union specially held the 2014 "Lingong Cup" football championship, A total of seven teams entered for the competition

Shandong Lingong 2014 "Lingong Cup" Football Championship was successfully completed

the spray foaming process competition for industrialization began on October 13. After more than a month of fierce competition, the team of the technology center and the United team of the comprehensive branch of the general assembly workshop 1 of the loader business division finally reached the final. In the Finals held recently, the representative team of the technology center won the game with a score of 2-0 through one goal in the first and second half of the game, relying on its overall strength, exquisite passing and receiving cooperation, and skilled football skills. It also marked the end of the 2014 "Pro work Cup" Football Championship. In addition, it can be widely used in many fields, such as electronics, aerospace, optics, energy storage, biomedicine, and so on. The parts division and mechanism team of the excavator division won the best organization award, the debugging structural parts division won the moral style award, and Kang Rongdong of the parts division and Liu Tao of the mechanism team tied for the best shooter with 6 goals each, Chen Linlin, the representative team of the technology center, won the MVP of this competition for her excellent performance in the knockout

in recent years, Shandong Lingong has vigorously sponsored the China Super League, and in 2014, it cooperated with the Asian Football Association to sponsor the Asian Champions League. The company's love for football also triggered the employees' love for football. The company's labor union also organized various football events, which not only enriched the employees' amateur life, but also enhanced the employees' physique, and strengthened the communication and cooperation between various departments

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