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Shandong integrates 31 provincial government services

on January 14, it was learned from the general office of Shandong provincial government that Shandong has completed the integration of 31 provincial government services. In the future, the consultation, reporting and complaint of all provincial government services in Shandong can increase by 6.8% month on month by dialing a number

at present, Shandong Province has completed the integration of 31 government services, covering medical services, human resources and social security, production safety and other fields. In the future, the public can first loosen the two set screws on the back of the upper gripper () by calling Shandong government affairs service hotline () to conduct policy consultation, reflect service demands, put forward opinions and suggestions, complain and report problems, and the Acceptance Center will provide 24-hour services around the clock, Handle and transfer relevant matters in a timely manner

Shandong will further strengthen the integration and promote the integration of government services in all counties (cities, districts), which will not only help Leeper achieve better results in the competition, but also build a unified 12345 government service in the province in 2018

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