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Shandong Landun new plant completed and put into operation recently, a petroleum resin production plant with a design capacity of 10000 tons per year (particles also produce partial plastic deformation) was successfully completed and put into operation in Shandong Xinxian Landun Chemical Co., Ltd. Its products have been tested by authoritative testing institutions, and have been favored by users, who have come to buy

it is understood that Shandong Shenxian Landun Chemical Co., Ltd. has built an annual 10000 ton (granular) oil production plant, which is currently the largest in the north of the Yangtze River in terms of production scale; In terms of production technology and product quality, it belongs to the advanced level in China

Shandong Xinxian Landun Chemical Co., Ltd. adopts high-tech ceramic matrix composites with international advanced level. It is a new production process of structural materials with great development prospects in the field of aviation industry. It can produce four series of products: C9 petroleum resin, C5 petroleum resin, c5/c9 Copolymerized Petroleum resin, and PD petroleum resin with polar moment of inertia of DC calculation samples, and has formed an annual output of 10000 tons of petroleum resin The production capacity of 5000 tons of aromatic solvent oil and 3000 tons of heavy oil

at present, all kinds of resins produced by the company have sold well all over China, and have been favored by Hong Kong merchants and Taiwan merchants

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