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Men's products packaging design should pay attention to women's feelings

men's taste is taught in women's critical eyes. When a man is accompanied by a woman when shopping, his eyes will also become picky. They are still their psychological dependence and balance. When buying men's products, women tend to be more expert, because their sensitivity to visual, tactile and olfactory stimuli is greater than that of men. While stimulating men's subconscious motivation, it naturally promotes men's "rational purchase"

in recent decades, the change of women's role has greatly changed women's current social status, but women have not got rid of tradition, and they are still men's psychological dependence and balance. In real life, women are more likely to make or influence men's purchase decisions

people's views and feelings about themselves are self-awareness, and people will always buy products that help self-awareness. Men always want to play a traditional role of affirmation, success and wealth in society, and in order to get the recognition of the people around him, he will try to make all the external decorations suitable for this role. Thus, men become a work of art, a work of art that attempts to cause other people's emotional reactions and sensory stimuli. Men can use various conscious reactions, such as vision (appropriate wear, accessories, etc.), hearing (correct accent speech, or appropriate use of sound), smell (perfume, etc.), touch and taste, to trigger emotional reactions, so as to determine a fixed image in the minds of people around them. Some of these emotional stimuli can only be applied to one's closest friends, and usually only to female partners. Most men sometimes deliberately make themselves into a work of art to give a good impression on someone

men also want to help eliminate the purchase of existing (plastic waste) supplies. In men's view, it is a social extension of family behavior. Continue to strengthen your social role by purchasing desirable and appropriate personal products. The company of a female partner will enable him to better determine his social role. Women's purchase opinions are usually carefully considered by men, so men's purchase behavior requires women's company in most cases, and they will listen to women's purchase opinions on men's personal products. In this case, a man can implement his purchase behavior after hearing the evaluation that feels good, so he doesn't have to spend a lot of time and energy to buy inappropriate personal products, so as to get the minimum psychological risk and the maximum role satisfaction

as a commodity, men's personal goods can be said to be a stimulus in itself. Purchasing consumer goods is not only a response of consumers to commodity stimulus, but also a behavior. The purchase of goods can be basically divided into cognitive stage, emotional stage and behavioral stage. The stage of cognition is the stage of reflecting various information of commodities to consumers; The goal of the emotional stage is to make consumers interested in further studying goods and have desire; The behavior stage is the purchase process that consumers produce through many links, such as attention, interest, desire, evaluation and memory, and trying to be sure. In the process of contact between consumers and commodities, the container and packaging of commodities undoubtedly become the first link of emotional communication between consumers and commodities

in the whole purchase process, it can be divided into two aspects: rational and irrational. In the emotional stage, the available potential of rationality is close to zero. Irrational purchase is the impulse generated by the subconscious stimulation of consumers. The subconscious is a storeroom for consumers' past experiences, thoughts and desires. A person's consciousness has the ability to choose, while the subconscious has no ability to choose. Human consciousness has the dominant right over the subconscious, that is, the subconscious must do according to the order of consciousness - unconditionally accept and preserve the thoughts of consciousness, any plans and purposes. Consciousness and subconsciousness are interrelated and interactive. Consumers' subconscious actions are deep in their hearts, and they need to respond with the help of external stimuli to make consumers have general tendencies. In the first part, the modeling structure, image color, layout and material of container packaging stimulate consumers' subconsciousness, making the energy used account for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy

consumers' purchase motivation directly affects consumers' purchase behavior. Men's conscious motivation, that is, rational purchase motivation (such as product variety, model, size and other product related parameters) before purchase is greater than subconscious motivation, that is, irrational motivation (product flavor, color, shape and other factors), while women tend to have subconscious motivation greater than intentional motivation. Women's emotions are easily affected by the unique packaging, flavor, color and other auxiliary factors of products. When men don't need to worry about personal products, women are often more sensitive to the visual, tactile and olfactory stimulation of men's products than men. While stimulating men's subconscious motivation, the stimulation of women's subconscious also helps men to buy too rationally

in today's men's personal products market, male consumers can generally obtain the basic purpose of the product from any brand provided. Businesses can usually provide male consumers with a little extra fun or comfort from using products. Entertainment is almost a by-product of packaging container design, and it may also be deliberately added at the design stage. In terms of packaging containers, businesses usually pay attention to men's emotional requirements for men's personal goods packaging containers. However, due to women's influence on men's purchasing behavior and women's unique and strong emotional awareness, women's emotional requirements should be paid attention to in terms of product shape, fabric, color, structure, material, color and image of packaging containers, so as to achieve the resonance between men and women when buying

men's taste is taught in women's critical eyes. When a man is accompanied by a woman when shopping, his eyes will also become picky

but in terms of consumer psychology, women pay more attention to the relative value of prices than men, and women will pay attention to the price setting in many details. Men will also pay attention to this in women's advice. The subconscious "word of mouth" of a woman makes her have a special preference for the goods introduced by others, and she prefers examples to stimulate her desire to buy. Therefore, the sales of men's personal products should also pay attention to the purchasing group of women

in a word, men's shopping process is mostly accompanied by women, so in the design of men's personal products, on the premise of designing for men themselves, it should be a little interesting to stimulate women's emotional needs and make them better complete the purchase process

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