Pay attention to the outer packaging of the hottes

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When purchasing new year goods, pay attention to the outer packaging

the packaging and label are like the ID card of goods, which contain rich information. It is best not to buy goods with incomplete identification

when buying food, you should choose shopping malls, stores, specialty stores, supermarkets and other places with fixed operating conditions. Don't use this system to repair historic sites and other old buildings. Temporary stalls along the road and tricycles Hawking along the street. Korea announced that we reported a multifunctional ceramic - graphene metamaterial cloth will form a graphene alliance and other mobile points to buy food in China to prevent food safety problems. In addition to vegetables, fruits and other fresh goods, it is best to buy food with stereotyped packaging. From the packaging, you can clearly see the name of the factory, factory location, production date, shelf life, ingredient standard, eating method, etc. if there is no such mark, you should be careful

when purchasing beverages, products with complete outer package marks and marked with brand, trademark, factory name, address, net content and shelf life should be selected. Each kind of beverage has its own unique smell. A high-quality and normal beverage should have a soft aroma, without the peculiar smell of Jinan assaying bursting strength tester and not pungent

when purchasing pork, be sure to check whether there is a slaughtering quarantine seal. Most of the normally processed pork is smooth and bloodless, and the knife edge between skin and meat is smooth

when buying oil, salt and sauce, you must carefully look at the label, pay special attention to the production date and shelf life, and try to buy bottled or barreled products produced by famous manufacturers

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