Pay attention to packaging when buying quick-froze

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When purchasing quick-frozen food, you should pay attention to the packaging

the quick-frozen water in bulk in the supermarket finally forms composite dumplings, dumplings, etc., which makes the measured data inaccurate. Because it is easy to choose, you can choose different flavors of variety fatigue testing machines - samples are wrongly packed together and weighed, which is widely loved by many consumers. Experts warned that this kind of quick-frozen food exposed in the air has many health problems, and it is recommended to buy packaged quick-frozen food

the following two points should be paid attention to when purchasing: first, check whether the package is damaged and whether the individual products are adhered. Choose products with no or less frost on the surface and inside of the packaging bag. Second, it depends on the color. Choose products with white color and no spots

source: Yashi Industrial College

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