Pavement engineering of the hottest poverty allevi

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The pavement engineering of poverty alleviation community, Shantui "page"

pavement engineering of poverty alleviation community, Shantui "page"

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introduction: the first cooperation with Shantui made the boss of Guangxi fall in love with it, and he was full of infinite hope for the future of him and Shantui

"the future is always full of infinite hope." Zhao Xiangsheng, a construction company in Guangxi, said. Zhao is always a distinctive enterprise leader. He stresses integrity and loyalty. He not only has the ability and wisdom of southerners, but also has the seriousness and boldness of northerners, without lacking affinity. It is precisely because of his generosity and wisdom that he has gained friendship from all over the country, and his career is also booming

everyone said that with the help of friends and their proper management, president Zhao not only undertook important municipal roads and maintenance construction projects in the city, but also took over many road maintenance projects in the city. At the beginning of 2017, president Zhao undertook all pavement works of a local national key poverty alleviation project. The community covers an area of 523 mu, with a total construction area of 460000 square meters. Facing such a huge project, Mr. Zhao's existing equipment can no longer meet the huge construction needs, so it is urgent to buy new equipment

"in my opinion, there is no perfect product, even for major international brands. I don't mind trying new products, as long as it can meet my needs." 3. The main motor source of the tensile testing machine has power, but the equipment can't move up and down. In 2018, the salesperson of the mountain roller visited the door and introduced the brand advantages of the mountain roller to him, so as to inspect the phenomenon of low carbon steel tightening and yielding and strengthening and the after-sales service system. President Zhao immediately purchased a Shantui SR22 full hydraulic roller. "Choosing Shantui is not only the recognition and dependence of Shantui brand, but also the recognition and trust of its quality."

after a period of use, Shantui road roller did not disappoint him: "Shantui is more suitable for my current development needs, not only in terms of cost performance, but also in terms of equipment failure rate and durability." With high attendance, low failure roller and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, Mr. Zhao was thoroughly promoted by the mountain. With the need of the project progress, we have successively purchased Shantui 5T loader, 9m hydraulic telescopic asphalt paver and sr13d double steel wheel roller. With the help of Shantui equipment, it took only one year to successfully complete all the pavement works in the poverty alleviation community, which was recognized by the municipal leaders and made great progress in the field of pavement construction. These remarkable achievements and the growing "Shantui corps" not only made president Zhao feel extremely proud, but also further deepened his feelings for Shantui

with the continuous development of the company's business, Mr. Zhao's ambition has also been inspired. Dissatisfied with the current situation, he began to plan to enter the asphalt mixing plant project. For the future, Mr. Zhao's attitude is very firm and full of infinite hope, "in the future, we will strengthen our cooperation with Shantui, hoping that Shantui can provide us with better and more preferential products and services, and build our road to success!"

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