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When buying glass film, pay attention to the identification quality

high temperature weather is impossible to prevent. Even at home, the sun can release huge heat through the glass. However, high power supply: 110v/220v, 60/50hz warm season is also giving birth to business opportunities. A "war" of home glass window film is opening to meet the needs of the heat insulation and power saving market. At present, The municipal energy office has planned to film some high-quality home glass windows "Listed in the energy-saving product oriented catalogue, promote the use of energy-saving products in the city and promote building energy conservation. Relevant experts remind that the good and bad products of the market still need to be carefully identified.

according to the survey, due to the high performance and technical requirements of glass window film manufacturing, at present, no domestic enterprise can produce it, so most of the household glass window films in Changsha market are imported, including the membership list of manufacturers of world window film association such as Dragon film, 3M, Johnson & Johnson Products produced by bit. Changsha, with the title of "one of the four furnaces in the country", undoubtedly becomes a place for businesses to seize the beach, and the market prospect is very promising

Lei Yun, deputy director of the municipal energy office, told that glass has small specific heat capacity, fast heating and fast cooling, and has strong thermal conductivity. The consequence is that if the room wants to maintain a comfortable temperature, it needs to turn on the air conditioner in summer to resist the attack of heat wave. And to make up for the defects of glass, the choice of glass window film is undoubtedly conducive to heat insulation and cooling. Therefore, in the implementation plan of the activity of "saving electricity for all and creating a civilized life", the energy-saving transformation of windows has been listed as a key point of building energy conservation. Some artists have long been tired of traditional methods. Measurement shows that when the outdoor temperature is 38 ℃ to 39 ℃, the temperature of the room with glass window film is lower than that of the ordinary room, which can save more than 30% of the air conditioning power

however, relevant experts remind that it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the film only from its appearance when purchasing the film for glass windows. Generally speaking, when choosing glass window film, we should carefully observe the relevant certification of products and the authorization of foreign products to sell in the Chinese market. The simplest way is to use a high-power bulb to irradiate the glass window film. If the hand under the film feels that the heat still exists, its quality is questionable

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