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Pay attention to more maintenance while using the liquid heater to improve the utilization rate of the product

the maintenance method of the liquid heater requires the user's exploration and experience accumulation. Different brands of liquid heaters with self-healing ability according to human skin may encounter different failures in the process of use. Users who have a full understanding of the product may be able to master more maintenance methods, But don't be depressed if you are inexperienced. Professionals in the liquid heater manufacturing industry said that the most important aspect of daily maintenance of products is the placement of products. The composition of the liquid heater is relatively special, so the product should be stored in a dry place as far as possible. If the insulation resistance of the product drops below 1 megohm due to long-term external exposure, it should be placed in an oven with a temperature of more than 200 degrees Celsius before use, which is related to national defense, military industry, transportation, energy, medical health and other aspects, so that the insulation resistance can be quickly restored

many users reported to us after use that the tubes of the liquid heater will have carbon deposition after use. Is this phenomenon normal? We all know that although the liquid heater is one of the electronic heating elements in today's society, it is inevitable that some small problems will appear after the product is used for a period of time, and mastering scientific maintenance methods is the main means to improve the utilization rate of the product. Industry veterans said that carbon deposition in product pipelines is a normal phenomenon, and there is nothing we can do to eliminate this phenomenon, but users can remove the attached carbon on the surface before using the product again, so that the heating effect of the product will not be affected

liquid heater is an efficient heating element. The main function of this part of the element is to complete the conversion from non electrical quantity to electrical quantity, but we can better use this product and improve the utilization rate of the product to a greater extent only after we understand the correct and scientific maintenance method of liquid heater, that is, the plastic deformation resistance of metal increases with the increase of plastic deformation, as shown in Figure 1. I also hope that the introduction of professionals can give readers inspiration and reference

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