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Pay close attention to wire and cable production! Ronggui carried out resumption of work and epidemic prevention inspection

the inspection team went to the enterprise for inspection

recently, with the gradual resumption of work and production of the enterprise, Ronggui municipal supervision branch inspected the wire and cable enterprises within its jurisdiction one by one, mastered the resumption of work and production of the enterprise at the first time, urged the enterprise to implement the main body, and ensured that the epidemic prevention and control and safe production work were effectively implemented after the resumption of work and production. Through on-site inspection, 11 of the 24 wire and cable enterprises in Ronggui have resumed production

during the action, the staff checked whether the enterprise had implemented the entry and exit registration, mask wearing, body temperature monitoring, disinfection and sterilization and other epidemic prevention measures, and urged the operators to implement various prevention and control measures in detail, so as not to be careless. In terms of safety production, Ronggui supervision branch mainly checks whether the enterprise production license and compulsory certification certificate are valid, checks the enterprise's incoming inspection, necessary equipment, process control and product inspection, and verifies whether the enterprise's quality management system is implemented in place, whether the quality of key raw materials is effectively controlled, and whether unqualified raw materials are used, Whether the inspection equipment detects the carbon content of metal, which is verified or calibrated according to law

the inspection team requires enterprises to pay close attention to the current quality and safety management of products, the safety supervision of special equipment, and the safety awareness education of personnel during the epidemic period. During the inspection, it was found that some enterprises had difficulties and doubts about epidemic prevention materials, expiration of certificates, and did not understand some policy information. The inspectors timely informed them of the assistance policies that the intellectualization of the certification and testing party during the epidemic prevention period can not only improve the level of product quality, but also the reservation and purchase methods of masks in Shunde District, so as to help enterprises find the direction of the problem and strengthen their confidence in resuming production and epidemic prevention

it is understood that at present, Ronggui municipal supervision branch has successively carried out inspections of key industries such as hazardous chemical packaging, food related products, wires and cables, and in the next stage, it will continue to promote the steady and orderly operation of enterprises. Common faults of hydraulic testing machines: resumption of work and production, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and safe production, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the economy in the jurisdiction. (Liang Minxian, correspondent Zhou Zhou)

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