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Pay attention to decoration? Value cost

decoration can enhance the value of industrial products and commodities. The surface decoration of products involves mechanical properties (such as hardness, sliding, etc.), electrical properties (such as conductivity, electromagnetic wave control, semiconductor properties), silver mirror coating (metal color can make the product have a high sense), color and grain treatment, etc

however, in general, decoration will increase the cost. From the perspective of the development history of automotive interiors, emphasis on decoration and cost alternate. As long as the performance of graphene material is really greatly improved, it will be achieved; With the development and progress of plastic technology, many processes have achieved stronger decoration and even reduced costs. In order to improve the cost performance, while improving the vision and touch, the appearance decoration with additional functions has attracted more attention

on the other hand, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements in the design of ⑵ 0 large transport aircraft and C919 large passenger aircraft in China, it has a great impact on major enterprises, especially the manufacturing industry, which is highlighted in the increase of manufacturing costs. Surface treatment is one of the main sources of environmental pollution. What environmental friendly materials and surface decoration technologies will replace high pollution processes such as painting, electroplating and anode

2012 surface decoration innovation technology forum the municipal authorities said that the use of inorganic class a insulation materials on June 2 is equivalent to entering the fire safe? Does good organic thermal insulation material mean that all people should be swept out of the house? After more than half a year of practice and tests, it was held in Shanghai on May 26th to gather enterprises in the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain to discuss how to update technology accordingly to market changes

up to now, some of the terminal enterprises involved are designers of Lenovo, Skyworth, ZTE process design, Chi Mei, Dell CMF senior manager, HP notebook CMF senior manager, and Changan Ford designer

in addition to the keynote speech, the products exhibited at the same time of the conference include:

1. The Japan surface decoration technology research association will organize member units to display the popular surface decoration technology in Japan

2. Ammett will exhibit aluminum surface treatment technology and various decorative effects

3. The samples of Tom process will be displayed in the Japanese charity vacuum

4. Fuhui machinery will display high-pressure gas forming and compressed air forming equipment and decorative samples of large component products

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