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Market analysis of domestic bag making, filling and packaging machine

at present, China is in a period of structural surplus. On the surface, packaging machinery products are fiercely competitive, with a large surplus demand; In fact, there is a lack of products with 0.5% to 5% Mo content that are high-level and adaptable and can adapt to and create market demand

automatic metering filling and packaging machinery, especially for the packaging of powder materials, with the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, especially the dairy project implemented in China in recent years, there is a huge development space for China's bag making and filling machinery

1. High precision small metering powder packaging machine required by the pharmaceutical industry. Because the dosage of most drugs is small, usually a few grams or even less than one gram, but the requirements for accuracy and speed are high. The accuracy should reach 63%, and the packaging speed should reach more than 70 bags in a single row

2. Medium volume powder packaging machine required by the food industry. Generally, it is between 100g and 500g. According to the provisions of China's quantitative packaging commodity measurement supervision and management measures, manufacturers generally require 1% accuracy. This type of packaging machine has broad market prospects

3. Viscous packaging machine containing solid materials. The packaging range is generally between 100g and 250g. In particular, packages containing large particles and high concentration or packages containing solid sauces. For example, mixed packaging containing seasonings such as meat granules, bean paste, pepper segments, etc

packaging machinery is an important foundation of the packaging industry. Without modern packaging machinery, there will be no modern packaging industry. The future of packaging machinery installed voltage stabilizer is a high combination of various high-tech, new institutions and new control methods. Its technical characteristics will tend to "three highs", that is, high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The key development direction will tend to be energy conservation and consumption reduction, stable and reliable performance, advanced control level, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency. Each step of operation is simple according to humanization as the first consideration point, and the appearance modeling will pay more attention to aesthetic design The control and operation are more humanized

With the development of computer technology, the information technology of packaging machinery is also reflected in the management of equipment, which is to establish a powerful service system through computer network technology, including warranty service machines, product technology databases and user files. Through two-way communication through the network, we can timely judge the equipment fault phenomena and state detection parameters, analyze the causes of faults and troubleshooting methods, Specific disassembly and adjustment steps, required accessories and application tools, etc., truly achieve zero distance service for customers

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