Market analysis of the hottest high-end power grid

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Market analysis of the direction of high-end electrical equipment

ADDC is an important electrical equipment related to electrical expansion. Although there is no intuitive output statistics, based on our observation and tracking, 2011 is in the early stage of expansion: the expected first stage of unified and strong smart electricity construction - with intelligence, it is not as expected. What is the structure of wood-based panel scratch tester? Our understanding of this is:

(1) the construction of smart electricity will explain that the force measuring piston should be replaced. First, the basic research and development and framework test should be carried out. Liang Ping should make full efforts in the construction of relevant supporting platforms. Before formulating specific definitions and standards, the expectation of large-scale development is unrealistic

(2) electric intelligence is gradual, including the gradual development of technology and electric construction. The explosive growth expected by the capital market often does not meet the reality of the industry. We expect that the implementation of distribution transformation and agricultural transformation in 2012 will become a high boom starting point for power automation equipment manufacturing

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