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Express packaging industry market analysis report

release date: Source: packcon packaging container exhibition

in recent years, after every consumption node, there is an explosive increase in express packaging waste. In life, office buildings and community garbage cans are full of express packaging, and even the circumference is full of express packaging. Therefore, we can see that with the increasing number of purchase and consumption nodes, The development of express packaging industry also flourished

according to statistics, China consumed 9.922 billion packaging boxes, 16.985 billion meters of tape and 8.268 billion plastic bags in 2015. With the development of e-commerce and express delivery, 26billion cartons were produced in China during the "double 11" this year. Recycling is not the best way to deal with the waste and pollution caused by express cartons and other external packaging. It may be a better choice to simplify express packaging

from "double 11" to "double 12", at each online consumption node, the increase in purchase turnover also refreshes the business volume of express delivery. At the same time, the explosion of express packaging industry is also coming

2021 express packaging express packaging market research express packaging industry market analysis report

it is reported that the use of express packaging will exceed 100 billion. Express packaging includes plastic bags, cartons, foam boxes and so on, with a wide variety and huge consumption. According to the statistics of the State Post Office, 6. Number of samples that can be loaded: 120 standard samples (impact sample size: 10 × ten × 55mm) shows that from November 11 to 16, during the period of "double 11 coke market showing an overall stable and partial decline pattern", a total of 2.31 billion postal (express) pieces were processed, with a year-on-year increase of 22.7%. It is expected that the express business volume will reach 63.2 billion pieces in 2019. Based on the number of packages per express delivery, it is estimated that the annual use of express packaging in 2019 will exceed 120billion pieces. This figure is only an estimate, not including the part of loss during use

the express logistics application materials industry is the upstream supplier of express logistics enterprises, providing various express logistics application materials, mainly including electronic face sheets/express waybills, woven bags, plastic bags, envelopes, packaging boxes (corrugated boxes) and tapes. The rapid development of the express logistics industry has led to a substantial increase in the market size of the express logistics application materials industry. It is expected that the supply capacity of green products in the industry will grow rapidly in the next few years, and the short-term supply-demand balance of the industry will maintain sufficient flexibility

the guidance on promoting green packaging in the express delivery industry issued by ten departments proposed that by 2020, the application proportion of degradable green packaging materials will be increased to 50%, packaging materials with excessive heavy metals and other special substances will be basically eliminated, and a special recycling system for express packaging materials will be basically established. The utilization rate of electronic waybills of major express brand agreement customers has reached more than 90%, and the average consumption of each express package has been reduced by more than 10%. The use of transit boxes, cage cars and other equipment has been promoted, and the use of woven bags and tapes has been further reduced. Basically establish the packaging management system of express delivery industry

according to preliminary statistics, up to now, major brand express enterprises can save at least 5.5 billion express packaging supplies every year by taking measures such as reducing excessive packaging and recycling cartons; The penetration rate of electronic face orders will be increased to 92%, and at least 31.4 billion traditional paper face orders will be saved every year. The healthy development of "Green Express" is becoming a common practice

after more than 30 years of development, China's plastic packaging industry has initially formed an industry with a complete variety, a considerable technical scale and a certain level, which occupies an important position in the packaging market and is one of the largest fields in China's plastic industry and packaging industry

plastic flexible packaging materials are a major force in plastic packaging materials, and their applications are almost in all fields of the national economy. Compared with other packaging materials, they have more obvious advantages in the application of daily-use commodities such as food. At present, the annual production of plastic flexible packaging materials in China is estimated to have reached about 10million tons, which is the country with the largest production and application of plastic notch impact ≥ 20kj/m2 flexible packaging materials in the world

prediction of market price trend of China's plastic flexible packaging industry

the price setting of plastic flexible packaging products is affected by raw materials, design, technology and other links that can minimize high cost waste, which is manifested in different price levels. The growth of the demand for medium and high-end flexible packaging in China's downstream packaging industry will strongly promote the improvement of the overall price of the domestic flexible packaging industry. In addition, the production of plastic flexible packaging products depends heavily on the supply of raw materials, and the supply of upstream raw materials has a significant impact on the price trend of the industry. It is expected that the price of domestic plastic flexible packaging products will remain volatile and slightly upward in the future

as an important part of the packaging industry, plastic packaging continues to innovate and explore in the development, changing various materials and forms to adapt to the national environmental protection policy. Although plastic packaging enterprises continue to face various challenges from environmental protection policies, the scale of plastic packaging industry is also increasing

specifically, the overall output of agricultural and sideline food processing industry, food manufacturing industry, beverage industry and other products in China has maintained growth. At the same time, with the demand of consumption upgrading, the requirements for the overall scale, product function and quality of plastic packaging have been continuously improved

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