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In other words, the market analysis of the glass market before and after the Spring Festival

the Spring Festival is approaching, and the downstream glass processing plants will be shut down and have holidays successively after the 20th. Under poor economic conditions, "early holidays and late start-up" have become the biggest characteristics of the glass market before and after the Spring Festival this year. At present, the market demand is declining day by day, and the delivery of production enterprises is less than one day. At present, market participants have different views on the glass market, and there are different opinions

view of most manufacturers:

at present, the inventory of production enterprises has mostly fallen to the ideal level, and the storage capacity ratio is expected to be controlled at a reasonable level before and after the Spring Festival. Few dealers have warehouses, and most dealers have no intention to stock up during the Spring Festival. In addition, it is difficult to control the late start-up after the Spring Festival. Considering the overall price level, the manufacturer has no intention to reduce prices on a large scale

traders' point of view:

at present, there are few traders' business, the economic environment is poor, the start-up of various industries after the Spring Festival is generally later than in previous years, and the logistics conditions are poor in the early stage after the Spring Festival, which is difficult to support middle and downstream customers to pick up goods. The Spring Festival holiday is about more than one month, and the accumulated inventory pressure of enterprises can not be underestimated, making it easier to operate. Whether to prepare goods before the Spring Festival depends on the strength of enterprise policies

view of downstream processing plants:

at present, the processing plants are mainly in order rush at the end of the year. Most processing plants will be on holiday around the 20th, and some large processing plants can maintain orders until the end of this month. From the stock situation, most processing plants have a certain amount of stock for pre holiday orders, but they still need a small amount of procurement. Procurement is mainly urgent, and most of them are purchased from local manufacturers. Therefore, the inflow of foreign sources has no significant impact on the local market for the time being. Consistent with the views of traders, it is necessary to wait and see whether it can be reserved goods. Therefore, it is required that aluminum products not only have high static strength, but also have strong production enterprise policies

1) from the perspective of supply and demand, the domestic glass production capacity has been well controlled this year. By the end of 2015, the domestic production capacity has decreased by 3% year-on-year. 32%。 However, the real estate inventory is high, and the new construction area has declined significantly, so the contradiction between domestic supply and demand has not been greatly improved. In 2016, domestic economic conditions were still difficult to shake up. "De capacity, de inventory, de leveraging, cost reduction and making up for weaknesses" were the five major tasks of economic work. The demand side of real estate is difficult to change due to de stocking; The production lines under construction in the glass industry are limited, and the de capacity may still be the main tone in 2016; Bank interest rates and energy prices are still under downward pressure, and the cost side is supported. Therefore, zhuochuang information believes that the operation of the glass market may not continue to deteriorate in 2016, but the contradiction between supply and demand is difficult to improve

2) in combination with the current market situation, the domestic inventory pressure at the end of the year is not large, the inventory level in major regions is low, and some enterprises with large inventory capacity have a calm state of mind, and they are not worried about the inventory backlog during the Spring Festival. At present, the market shipments are decreasing day by day, the dealer business is few, and the processing plant will enter the final rush stage, and the holiday will begin in less than a week. In addition, the construction started late after the holiday, and the post holiday market is difficult to predict. Due to the shortage of funds and limited storage capacity, the midstream and downstream customers have low intention to prepare goods before the holiday. Although some large households can stock goods with changes in resistance before the Spring Festival, it is limited to alleviate the pressure of inventory increase during the Spring Festival

combined with the above two points, zhuochuang information believes that the downward force of glass market prices may be relatively limited before the Spring Festival, and enterprises will tend to negotiate the stock price for large households, or there will be no large-scale price reduction, but the synergy of various enterprises needs to be considered. Whether the price can be raised after the festival as in previous years still needs to wait and see the specific operations before the festival. For example, there is no major policy introduction by enterprises before the festival, and the inventory pressure after the festival may be too large, so it may be difficult to be optimistic after the spring Festival

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