Market application of the hottest waterborne autom

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Market application of waterborne automotive touch up paint

market application of waterborne automotive touch up paint

August 6, 2020

market data and influencing factors of water-based touch up paint

driven by environmental protection policies, the market volume of water-based touch up paint has increased year by year. According to Sai market research, from 2015 to 2017, the market volume of water-based touch up paint was 2.05, 2.35 and 2.81 million liters respectively, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 20% from 15%

although the market volume of waterborne touch up paint has increased year by year, the market of touch up paint is still dominated by solvent based products. In terms of consumption, if the speed of data collection is not high enough, the repair paint accounted for only 3% of the overall repair paint market in 2017, but its growth rate is much higher than the overall growth rate of the repair paint market, with an average annual growth rate of 20% after 2018. Therefore, China's water-based touch up paint market has huge development space

in the process of application and promotion of water-based paint, Nike transformed more than 12.5 million pounds of factory and post consumer waste from landfills in fiscal 2017. The government, automobile OEMs, paint repair manufacturers, repair garages, insurance companies, car owners and other companies are jointly promoting the development of water-based paint. The market value chain structure of water-based touch up paint is shown in the figure below:

the government and industry associations play an industry leading and promoting role in the development of water-based paint. The state has promulgated and implemented a series of environmental protection policies and regulations and VOC emission limit standards to regulate the paint market, restrict solvent based paint, encourage and support water-based paint, promote the upgrading of automotive paint, and accelerate the promotion and application of water-based touch up paint

to avoid causing damage to the forest

at present, water-based touch up paint is mainly used in 4S stores and large and medium-sized repair garages of high-end vehicle brands in first and second tier cities. The water-based development strategy of automobile OEMs and its high-end brand 4S stores plays a decisive role in the promotion of water-based paint. Domestic European high-end cars, American cars, Japanese cars and their 4S stores have begun to use water-based touch up paint. Driven by environmental protection policies, domestic automobile OEMs actively promote the development of water-based paint and improve the service system of water-based paint; The proportion of independent repair garages using water-based paint is rising rapidly, but it is still not widely used

insurance companies and car owners also have a certain impact on the application of water-based paint. The increased cooperation between insurance companies and repair shops and touch up paint manufacturers will promote the application of water-based touch up paint; The improvement of owners' awareness of environmental protection and the excellent characteristics of water-based paint also make owners tend to choose water-based touch up paint

at the same time, the development of water-based touch up paint is also restricted by the following factors: the cost of water-based touch up paint is high; Spraying workers do not understand the spraying process of water-based paint, and the training time cost is high; Ministry of construction materials radionuclide limit GB 6566 ⑵ 001 sub enterprises have some misunderstandings about the product characteristics of water-based touch up paint and some aspects of the "oil to water" transformation process (construction efficiency, coating effect, equipment investment cost, etc.)

development trend of China's water-based touch up paint market

due to the relatively mature experience of international paint enterprises in water-based paint technology, it is difficult for local enterprises to surpass in a short time. In the next few years, the suppliers of water-based paint will still be mainly international enterprises, and gradually realize the localized production of water-based paint

international coating enterprises constantly develop new products to occupy the middle and low-end market through acquisition and integration, while domestic domestic enterprises also enhance their competitiveness through independent development of middle-end products. The application of water-based paint will gradually expand from the high-end market to the middle-end market

with the diversification of color consumption demand in the automotive industry, water-based paint will have more diversified demand for color in the future. This is also a greater challenge and opportunity for paint manufacturers

after more than 20 years of development, water-based paint has become an irreversible trend of industry development. However, the length of the "oil to water" conversion cycle still depends on the joint action of the government, industry associations, automobile OEMs and coating manufacturers to jointly promote the wide application of water-based coating technology in China

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