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Pan Xiaodong: market, competition and cooperation of traditional printing enterprises (V)

Qiu Chuangsheng, executive director of Shanghai Taiwan Businessmen Association, does not recommend Taiwan businessmen to invest in greater Shanghai at present. Although the country still regards the Yangtze River Delta as a key economic zone in the Eleventh Five year plan, the reason he pointed out is that the situation of repeated investment has not improved, the competition is quite fierce, and the profits are generally low, Low quality competition has become a lingering nightmare for the manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta. Whether the printing industry should also have its own industry dignity. Enterprises should compete fairly, fairly and openly in terms of cost, and abandon the short-sighted vicious competition. On that day, when enterprises take brand and quality as the preferred chips for competition, it shows that we have achieved real success in building the business environment and have a good foundation for the benign development of enterprises

about collaboration

Marx had a wonderful description of capital. He pointed out that once there is an appropriate profit, capital will be bold. If there is 10% profit, it will be used everywhere; There are 20 such cases because the essence is to form a short-circuit% profit under the condition of power on, and it becomes active; With 50% of the profits, it will take risks; For 100% profit, it dares to trample all human laws; With 300% profit, it dares to commit any crime and risk hanging. The profitability of capital determines the inevitability of competition, but competition should not exclude mutual cooperation. For the overall development of China's printing industry, we should promote more and more mutual cooperation among peers at present

1. The pursuit of maximizing the interests of enterprises and the mutual cooperation between enterprises can coexist

in the case of low market prices, the level of enterprise competitiveness reflects the level of enterprise management. However, a competitive society also needs mutual cooperation. An enterprise cannot be small and comprehensive, large and comprehensive, and cannot cover the whole society. In the process of organizing production, the enterprise must have outsourced processing, which needs the help of brother units. As the saying goes, peers are enemies, which is wrong! We should advocate fair competition in the market, based on strength and management, and advance together in competition. Just imagine that the price is fair, the customer does not suffer losses, and the enterprise also has its due profits. Why not do it. If you blindly bid at low prices, customers will certainly benefit, but the enterprise has been busy for a period of time, but it can't get the return it deserves. Why bother? The construction of the business environment is first of all the business operators. To a certain extent, openness among enterprises will help improve the living environment of printing enterprises

2. The communication between peers is also a kind of cooperation

the operators of printing enterprises should advocate more contact and communication after busy work. A person's energy is limited. Even if he has three heads and six arms, his contact range must be limited. In the communication between enterprises, you can get information and opinions from the other party while you tell the other party relevant information and opinions. These exchanges will inadvertently inspire each other and bring indirect help to each other's work. The exclusion of communication is a sign of lack of self-confidence in their own enterprise work

3. The rotary printing enterprises in Shanghai have formed a good cooperation atmosphere, which is worth learning from

so far, there are 8 enterprises in Shanghai (including 2 newspapers) with 23 eight color commercial rotary printing machines. After a period of running in, these eight enterprises have formed a good relationship of competition and cooperation. One of the characteristics of rotary machine printing is tight cycle and large quantity; Another characteristic of rotary printing is that the purchase price of equipment is high and the depreciation is huge. Therefore, it is impossible for enterprises to allocate sufficient equipment to deal with accidents. In view of this, after a period of collision, these enterprises have roughly formed the following tacit understanding of cooperation: first, except for special circumstances, do not make low-cost bidding for mature products already in India of the other enterprise, and do not do things that you cannot get and may lead to the price reduction of the other enterprise. Second, the cooperative enterprises negotiate to determine the work price of collaborative printing. When the brother enterprises encounter special circumstances or the business volume increases sharply, it is difficult to deal with it at the moment, and the agreed work price is used for collaborative printing. In the past one or two years, several enterprises with rotary machines have cooperated well with each other. The printing price of rotary machines in Shanghai market has not been paid. Turning off the power and unplugging the power plug is now too much reduced. It is said that during the SARS period in 2003, the printing industry in Shenzhen also handled the relationship between them in this way, which is worth carrying forward

4. Printing managers should not forget the society they shoulder

an entrepreneur is an economic man who creates wealth for investors; Entrepreneurs are also social people. To meet social needs, expand the employment force, let more people live a well-off life, and promote the development of China's printing industry. As the saying goes: a single flower is not spring, but a thousand flowers are spring. It is good for an industry to have several leaders representing the highest level of the industry, but the leader is more important to lead the continuous development of the whole industry and drive the continuous progress of the whole industry, which is also a kind of cooperation. Managers who are only satisfied with the progress of their own enterprises are doing a good job, but it is not enough. We should have a higher pursuit. In this regard, it is incumbent on large enterprises in the domestic printing industry, Hong Kong entrepreneurs who enter the mainland for development, and printing managers are responsible for the prosperity of the printing industry

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