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Market applicability of financial leasing

whether the financial leasing business can be completed and whether the industry can introduce financial leasing will promote the plastic extruder industry to get out of the dilemma, play the role of investment and financing, integrate the produced products with the capital market and capital market, and make the whole industry enter the new economic era under the mode of modern marketing system, and maintain the vitality of continuous innovation and sustainable development, The key is whether financial leasing is suitable for this industry and this market

in theory, almost all movable properties and even institutional real estate can be used for financial leasing. But in practice, not all the items mentioned can be used as rental items. This is because many objects are not suitable for financial leasing, and some industries are not suitable for financial leasing. Only objects and industries that conform to the objective laws of financial leasing are suitable for the introduction of financial leasing business. However, the development of the leasing industry must rely on the market, so it is not how the market adapts to the financial leasing industry (although the healthy development of the market should be integrated into the financial leasing), but how the financial leasing industry adapts to the development of the market by optimizing and upgrading Anyang's economic transformation and upgrading. This is the financial leasing market with Chinese characteristics. Foreign funded enterprises have to follow this path, otherwise it is difficult to carry out financial leasing business in China

how to adapt leasing to the market? First of all, we should study where the financial leasing market is

financial leasing is a credit transaction, so whether the leasing project can be completed depends on the credit point of the leasing project! What is the credit point of leasing? The so-called "credit point" is the key point that allows investors to actively extend credit

generally, people think that the lessee's credit is the credit point of the project, especially the leasing company, which regards leasing as a loan, also raises the question of credit to the lessee. Actually, it's not. Since it is a credit transaction, the lessor's credit, the investor's credit, the seller's credit, the lessee's credit, the lessee's customer's credit, and the guarantor's credit may all be the credit points of the project. Therefore, it is not a question of credit, but where is the key point of credit? Whether it can be integrated

secondly, the product market created by the leased object, the profitability of the potential leasing enterprise, whether the personal assets, family assets and enterprise assets of the legal representative of the potential group enterprise can meet the high default cost, as well as the attitude and supportive policies of the local government towards leasing, are also part of the credit of the leasing project. The structural design of financial leasing is credit enhancement technology. Although it does not have credit, the design of leasing can increase the credit of the project, which is also equivalent to a credit point

in fact, the investors pay more attention to the structural design ability of the leasing company. The so-called three no leasing companies without funds, objects and technology are the classic portrayals of leasing companies that are stagnant now. Financial leasing is a knowledge economy, capital and objects are not the key, but important knowledge is important. As long as we have the ability to integrate social resources, we can find money without money and buy things with money. If there is no knowledge, no money, no material, then there is nothing. Such leasing companies are worthless. Although they think they are "scarce resources" and can be sold at a high price, it is not so difficult to set up a financial leasing company as they think. It's better to set up a new company to buy a leasing company with no assets and "mines" everywhere

the key technology of financial leasing is to integrate resources. In the face of various credits, if these credit resources are integrated, we have the ability to determine whether the financial leasing company has the ability to integrate social resources. This is the so-called "credit flow", which allows the places with credit to supplement the places with insufficient credit. Once the credit point is found and integrated, the feasibility of the project is found

this is the core competitiveness, business philosophy and business positioning of leasing companies. In a word, if the lessee, the investor and the lessee of the test machine do not talk about leasing in the same professional field, there will be no possibility of credit flow, no market development ability and no vitality for sustainable development. Relying on heaven and small policies to survive, there is no future for development

in addition to credit, we should also pay attention to the characteristics of the leased object itself. The biggest difference between financial leasing and loans is that leasing increases property rights. Especially the protection of real right to creditor's rights. Therefore, the study of real right is far more important than the study of creditor's rights

in terms of the object itself, what kind of object is suitable for financial leasing

for movable or real estate suitable for financial leasing objects, firstly, the leasing transaction should comply with the principle of "easy recovery and easy disposal". The so-called "easy recycling" shows the lessee's market awareness, the legal environment of the local court, and the rapid and barrier free recycling of rental items. The so-called "easy disposal" shows that the second-hand market of the leased items is very developed, and the manufacturers' awareness of renovation is very strong. The leasing company does not worry about immediate liquidation of the leased items, making the leased assets very in line with the requirements of the capital market

when the problem of property right disposal is solved, the problem of financing difficulties of leasing companies is solved. Because such leased assets can directly enter the capital market, where long-term, low-cost and liquid funds can be raised. If the leased assets do not meet the conditions for capital operation and cannot be operated, then the leasing company is making loans. No matter what name is quoted, it is not doing leasing, which has no substantive significance in promoting social and economic development. Whether the leased assets can enter the capital market is a sign of the maturity of China's leasing industry. Otherwise, China's leasing companies will not be able to get rid of the loan like leasing business model, and China's financial leasing industry will not grow

people pay attention to the leased goods, first of all, the products produced in the leased goods should have sufficient sales profits, so that the funds that can make profits after the enterprise uses it can be used to pay the rent

the anti risk ability of rental items is the primary standard for entering the rental market

first, the depreciation curve of rental items should be stable. Technology is updated too fast or the depreciation curve of rental items is too steep, which is not suitable for rental items. Because the fair value is not enough to resist the lessee's default risk

secondly, the circulation of the leased items should be strong. This sentence means that the items are highly versatile, the second-hand market should be developed, and the leased items are easy to realize. 3. The three modes of real-time, peak and automatic peak can be switched at will

Third, the liquidity of the lease should be moderate. The so-called liquidity refers to the problem that the leased object itself can be moved. Items that are not easy to move are definitely not suitable for leasing, because it is difficult to take back when there are problems. However, objects that are too easy to move are easy to cause the loss of the lease, which is also not suitable for the lease

this leads to the fourth is that the lease should have the function of "credit bomb". The so-called credit bomb is to use technology to control the lessee's credit. Usually, the leasing company controls the working state of the leased object by remote control. The lessee needs to pay rent (purchase credit point) to ensure the normal operation of the leased object. Otherwise, automatic shutdown or remote shutdown will prevent the lessee from further damaging the assets of the leasing company

it is an important indicator for the industry to introduce financial leasing that the leasing company can monitor and measure the working state of the leased goods. Construction machinery is doing very well, so financial leasing in this field has developed very fast in recent years. More than 70% of the lessees are small and medium-sized enterprises, which is very beneficial to the development of society and the industry. The foreign leasing market penetration rate in this field has reached 90%. It accounts for 78% of the market share of the whole leasing industry. Explain the importance of the lessor's control over property rights

finally, the enterprise management of financial leasing companies is also very important. If a leasing company has no business positioning, industrial positioning, management and technical standards, it cannot be called a professional financial leasing company. Because any object can be leased, the company simply does not understand the importance of the leasehold property right to the protection of creditor's rights, and is unable to operate the business they say. In order to operate professionally, leasing companies must understand the industry in which the leased items are located, the mechanical and financial characteristics of the leased items themselves, and the product market in which the leased items are produced. Such professional leasing companies can introduce financial leasing to accelerate the development of the industry in which they focus

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