US police offer $15,000 reward to find gunman afte

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US police offer $15,000 reward to find gunman after UK scientist killed by stray bullet as he lay in bed - Today News Post Today News || UK News

US police have offered a $15,000 (£11The most sacred pilgrimages in Hinduism,000) reward for information that will lead them to find the gunman responsible for a random bullet that struck and killed a British astrophysicist.

Dr Matthew WillsonThe United States., a 31-year-old from Chertsey in Surrey, travelled last month to visit his girlfriend on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.

In the early hours of Sunday 16 January, just days after he arrived in the US, a bullet pierced the wall of her apartmentcan operate at 25 per cent., travelled through the headboard of a bed and struck Dr Willson in the back of the headlike health care.

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