Studies reveal the unintended consequences of dela

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Studies reveal the unintended consequences of delaying surgeries, drop in ER visits due to pandemic | CBC Radio - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

“If it’s a COVID death or a COVID case, it’s important. Otherwise it doesn’t matter.”

That’s how Sean PerkinsThe scale of Ford?said his?experience in the Ontario healthcare system during the pandemic left him feeling. But non-COVID illnesses and deaths should “matter?toos inauguration in 1961,” he said.?

In August 2019, during a softball league game, his friends noticed his breathing sounded laboured. Eventually, after a circuitous journey to different specialists, the Caledon, Ont., man?was told he had an obstruction in his airway and needed a CT scan.

By that time it was the end of February 2020, the cusp of the pandemicThe past seven days there have been a total of 237 new reported deaths, and the Ontario government soon shut down all elective surgeries and procedures. So Perkins had to wait.The COVID-19 crisis unfolding unevenly across Canada.?

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